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irc: hsprang on freenode irc: lazyb0y on freenode and oftc
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jabber: henning@jabber.ccc.de jabber: henning@guug.de
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more contact information [http://www.sprang.de/wiki/index.php/ContacT here]

more other information there: http://www.sprang.de
more information about me is here(mostly german, yet): http://www.sprang.de
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I am generally interested in doing thousands of useful and beautiful things with information technology hard- and software.
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There's a halfway chaotical partial list at http://www.sprang.de/wiki/index.php/Use_cases in english and at a much bigger one, with not exactly the same contents in german there: http://www.sprang.de/wiki/index.php/UseCases. I'm trying to get all those things done with free software since about 1996 and use mainly Debian/GNU Linux since about 2001. I consider myself as a really political aware person, trying to be less dogmatic and more pragmatic. So I love Debian not just because it's "really free" but because Redhat and SuSE showed that marketing-lead Linux development leads to the same disasters as happen in the Microsoft world, and so they cut the technical advantages of free software.

As you see from the size of the german use case list, there are lots of things I wanna do, and I have solved some of them more or less well, some not. All this involves a lot of testing, compiling, researching and things like that, and because I even have other interests than that, completely outside computing, and a full time job, it goes on slowly. To coordinate all that a bit more, I started documenting it on my personal wiki somewhen last year, so I know what i am working on and what's the state even if I didn't touch it for some weeks or months, and so it might be useful to others. I admit, too often I didn't take the time to give feedback to developers, but i am changing that.

On my way i got quite a bit involved in some community activities, helped people in the german, later english php list, in the mysql list, worked a bit on translation of php-gtk documentation, where involved in the superwaba newsgroup and got some patches in there, added a bit of documentation in the beast audio wiki and discussion in the list(hast to become even more, but...), and did some work and research with free java portal solutions. Last but not least, i use FAI which I use to install linux machines at home and at work for some good reasons and have somewhat decent knowledge of it, being more or less active on the FAI list.

=== Capabilities ===
Wrote Programs and Scripts in Java, BASH, PHP, Perl, Python, compiled lots of C/C++ sources as well, but never really hacked that code. Worked on lots of webbased applications as well as Java enterprise portals where Eclipse, tomcat, jetspeed and JBoss and lots of others where used, as well as multi tier Java applications with CORBA and load balancing systems - as well in requirement specification, design and in realization process.
Have experience in managing infrastructures with up to 60 Linux systems in heterogeneous company environments. Like to explore new technologies and make them usable for specific needs. Like to work somehow structured, which I try to do even if I find me in most chaotic environments. Oh, not to forget, i manage my own personal Infrastructure with FAI and already build some non-standart debian packages as well at work as for my personal use because I don't like to have things lying around in /usr/local :)

=== Ubuntu packages i am interested in ===

Not long ago I did my first install of ubuntu warty with FAI and decided to get involved optimizing the ubuntu hoary packages for FAI as well as helping Thomas Lange to fix it in debian upstream, too.
If I have time enough to spend on it i'd basically have an interest in working on JavaIntegration, too, as well as everything where m obove mentioned capabilities can be of any help, plus all that is contained in my [http://www.sprang.de/wiki/index.php/Use_cases use cases] or in my [http://www.sprang.de/wiki/index.php/IdeeN ideas] (written in german for now, sorry).

=== Availability ===
Currently, I have to work full time onn a consultant job doing software development mostly in Java and Linux administration to pay my bills - so my time is limited to about some evenings per week and some more on the weekend - different things can happen when I've got to go to a customer site to work in a project, which can be time consuming. It's not easy to do a forecast. I defintely would like to spend more time hacking, documenting, researching and educating to help people and businesses use exclusively free software for everything they need it for.
A lot. Get in touch to learn more. (I moved the totally outdated info away from here, you can look in the history if you feel like it).
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 *[http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/howto/helpcenterhowto.2005-02-28.6671204877  Fully Automatic Installation with FAI - page in the howto support area]  *[[http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/howto/helpcenterhowto.2005-02-28.6671204877|Fully Automatic Installation with FAI - page in the howto support area]]
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 *FullyAutomaticInstallationHowto  * FullyAutomaticInstallationHowto
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 *[http://www.sprang.de/wiki/index.php/Ubuntu_install_with_FAI Ubuntu Install with FAI TODO]  *[[http://faiwiki.informatik.uni-koeln.de/index.php/FAI_multi-distribution|Ubuntu Install with FAI TODO]]
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From MatthewEast Fri Mar 18 22:27:25 +0000 2005
From: Matthew East
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 22:27:25 +0000
Subject: reparenting
Message-ID: <20050318222725+0000@www.ubuntulinux.org>

i've reparented your page to UserPages, where all personal pages are kept. I've added a link in MaintainerCandidates, where your page was previously parented :)


Personal Information

name: Henning Sprang

irc: lazyb0y on freenode and oftc

mail: henning ( place the at here! ) sprang.de

jabber: henning@guug.de

more information about me is here(mostly german, yet): http://www.sprang.de


A lot. Get in touch to learn more. (I moved the totally outdated info away from here, you can look in the history if you feel like it).

Documents I wrote in this wiki or at other places about ubuntu


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