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About Me

I am a full time student working my way through college. When I started at the local community college, I asked if they had a internship or workstudy program that I could join to get some hands on experience in a educational IT setting, which is the field I would love to work in. Within minuets of arriving at Network Services, I had a part time job. Most of my day is spent sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, so during the down times I try to answer as many questions as I can on the forums.

I started using Linux about a year ago when the System Administrator for my High School gave a presentation on Ubuntu 7.04 to our class. Between Synaptic and Beryl, I was hooked. Now one year, and two versions later, Ubuntu is my primary OS, and the only reason Vista is installed on my laptop is because it is a state-owned computer.


When I started working at the community college last summer, I suddenly found that I had alot of free time. Not really sure what to do with it, I decided to see if there were any threads on the forums that I knew the answers to. Even though I had only been using Ubuntu for a few months, I found that there were plenty of threads that I could answer. Now I try to post at least three times a day in the support threads, and may days I surpass that goal. Recently, I have started to hang out in the Beginners Team and Unanswered Post Team IRC channels on Freenode.

Locally, there are not many Linux users, or if there are, we have no way of contacting each other. Right now I am in the process of building a user-base in my area, and eventually we might start a LUG.

Edited Wikis

Here are the (currently very short) list of wikis that I have edited:


I am not a big programmer, in fact I don't know any languages (other than Visual Basic, that helps alot on a Linux install...), but I am fairly good at coming up with and testing new ideas. Current and Past Projects include:


Have something to say about Het Irv (good or bad)? Feel free to put it here.

Thanks to Rocket2DMn, Sisen, and Joeb454. Your Wiki pages were a basis for mine. Nhandler for pointing out a few thing that were missing. Also thanks to the entire BT for just general help.


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