I am a 29-driven programmer.

I am an author of

My launchpad page is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HiroyukiIkezoe

My contributions to Ubuntu

in Bugzilla

  • #10124 need Panasonic notebook support in acpi-support

  • #18208 "radeontool light off" is called in both /etc/acpi/sleep.sh and /usr/share/acpi-support/screenblank

  • #18476 /etc/acpi/events/panasonic-sleepbtn conflicts with GNOME shortcut key of "sleep"

  • #5828 After shutdown, screen output disappears but laptop does not actually power off

  • #16589 [Dell Latitude C810] the first resume leads directly again to the suspend state, the second resume works

in launchpad

  • #2744 gnome-system-log crash


  • update-manager

Other recent contributions to FOSS


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