Quick Contact Info

* Name: Harsh Singh

* Nickname: loligager, hisingh1, or m_newton, (almost everywhere)

* Location: Illinois, USA

* Launchpad: hisingh1

* Email: hisingh1@gmail.com

* IRC: m_newton on irc.ubuntu.com (I am not available during school hours, so if you must contact me, pop me an email!)

About Me

Hello to all! My name is Harsh Singh. I switched to Ubuntu when I saw Compiz Fusion on youtube. I was quite stunned by all the features. So, being a person that loves eyecandy, I decided to get ubuntu. Although i had a rough start due to many technical issues, I installed ubuntu with compiz fusion! Then, I learnt about git in compiz fusion. This led me further in the 'rabbit hole' as the saying goes! Currently I am running Hardy Heron with SSH, FTP,and LAMP. I have become an expert I installing Compiz fusion from git.


Yet to do something, but i plan on getting involved soon! Smile :)

Goals/Plans For The Future

I currently learning how the internet works and so forth. I plan on learning XHTML, PHP, and MySQL. I am currently trying to get my mail server up and running.

As of long term goals: I want to be able to program scripts in perl or other languages that do useful things. I want to make many amazing features in Compiz Fusion and be part of the developing society. More over, I want to make a all in one script that gets everything from the fusion git repositories and compiles it for you in one command.


I would like to thank many people that helped me learn and setup my own ssh,ftp, and LAMP server.

First and foremost I would like to thank: Nathan Handler * Nathan was the one that introduced me to the real ubuntu. He showed me the features beyond Compiz and games. * He even introduced me to SSH and many of the terminology that comes with ubuntu (Terminal for example) * So without further adu, Hats off to Nathan Handler

Also, If one wants to learn how to use a computer fast, One must get 'hands on' help! My 'Hands on' help were provided by Amazing people on IRC

* Starnestommy: - the over all guide to Ubuntu, If you got a question, ask this guy! You will get help fast Smile :)

* tj83: - Amazing skillz when it comes to ssh.

* Jack_Sparrow: - sometimes a very strict admin, this guy know everything! (but be careful on how you ask it) :P

* PCcertified: - over all genius like Starnestommy!

Thanks for visiting my page!


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