Hello and welcome to the home page of Hiweed Leng.

Mail: hiweed(at)gmail(dot)com

Website: http://linux.hiweed.com/

GPG key id: 0xECFA373E

IRC nick on Freenode.net: hiweed (or some variant if unavailable)

Who I Am

* Chinese young man living in Shanghai, China.

* Founder and Team Leader of Hiweed-Debian GNU/Linux. ( http://freshmeat.net/projects/hiweed/ )

* Linux user since 1998.

* Debian user since 2000.

* Ubuntu user since October 2004.

* Willing to get my hands in Universe, especially the Chinese relative packages. so here I am!


I already have a GPG key of 1024 bits. I will use it to sign the Code of conduct, since I accept its terms and principles.

I have read the Debian Social Contract and the DFSG (I agree to both), the Debian Policy, the Developer's Reference, and the New Maintainer's guide.


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