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My name is Daniel Holm and I'm from a little, small town named Loftahammar, Sweden. For the moment I'm studying to become an architect and a master engineer. To pay my bills I work a the swedish counterpart of Walmart. And I also have my own IT company.

I'm also going for to become a MOTU sometime soon. Why? Because I really would like to give back to the community, what has been given me. And a little bit because its kind of cool to call yourself a "Master of the Universe", isnt it?

Anyways, in my spare time I sit by my computer trying to learn Python. I use PHP daily and are also learning PHP-GTK. But mostly I'm with my wonderful fiancé, Anneli. Or drink beer with my friends.

Some day you will all know my name, until then - keep laughing that I just said that Wink ;)


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