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Clear message


We believe there is one true God, eternally existing in three persons; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe God created all things; including all life and the world we live in. We believe the Holy Bible is the Word of God and it is inherent and infallible. We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, our Savior and Lord. We believe Jesus was born from a virgin, lived a sinless life on the earth, died for our sins, and rose three days later. We believe in salvation by grace-through-faith in Jesus Christ.

C4C Purpose

As one part of the Body of Christ, Computers4Christians (C4C) seeks to lead unbelievers to a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and nurture believers in discipleship. We offer a free Christian operating system (the C4C Lubuntu ReSpin) to anyone with access to the Internet and load our OS on used computers we freely give away. Running this distro live may be also be used to test hardware, wipe hard disk drives and to "rescue" files from a computer that is no longer needed or no longer works properly. Our Christian OS is based on Long Term Support (LTS) point releases of Lubuntu; currently at version 16.04. There are no license fees, nothing to register, and nothing to buy - ever. You may also give this system to others. In fact, we hope you do.

C4C Lubuntu ReSpin

Computers4Christians adds an array of Christian software and media, as well as many useful secular packages to Lubuntu 16.04, with the Openbox window manager and LXDE desktop. The freely available 64-bit and 32-bit versions of the C4C Lubuntu ReSpin OS runs live from DVD or USB flash drive, and is easily installed via Systemback on most any computer made in the last decade. Systemback is built-in and allows the end-user to easily create restore points and backups of their specific system. The pre-installed Firefox web browser includes search engines like Bible.cc, Duck Duck Go, Google, Kiddle, Linux Manpages and Ubuntu Documentation. Our Firefox build also includes literally hundreds of categorized bookmarks; from learning about Linux to learning about the Lord - it's in there. And the FoxFilter parental control extension helps filter out inappropriate content on the web.

Christian: 12 Apostles Quiz and Memory Game, Bible Desktop, 8 Bible Knowledge Games, 10 Bible Verse Maze Quest Games, Diatheke, 117 Flash Bible Games, 24 items in Fun Bible Stuff, Verse, Wide Margin, Xiphos Bible Guide, Gospel of John and John 1, 2 and 3 teachings, new believer and discipleship material and Christian Videos. Bibles: Audio Bible (WEB), AKJV, BBE, KJV, NHEB, WEB. Commentaries: MHC, NETnotesfree, Personal, TFG. Daily Devotionals: DBD, SME. Dictionaries: MLStrong, Robinson, StrongsGreek, StrongsHebrew. General Books: MollColossions, Pilgram. Maps: ABSMaps, eBibleTeacherMaps, EpiphanyMaps, HistMidEast, KretzmannMaps, NETMaps, SmithBibleAtlas and SonLightFreeMaps.

Secular: Archive Manager, Catfish, Character Map, Diodon, Disk Utility, Evince, FileZilla, Firefox, Galculator, Gdebi, Geany, GIMP, Gnash, GNOME Screenshot, GnuCash, GpicView, gThumb, Gufw, GUVCView, Inkscape, Leafpad, LibreOffice, Lubuntu Software Center, LXTerminal, mtPaint, numlockx, OpenJDK Java 8, p7Zip, PCManFM, Pidgin, PulseAudio Volume Control, Scribus, SCROT, Simple Scan, Synaptic Package Manager, Systemback, Thunderbird, Transmission, VLC, Xfburn, Xpad and Xpdf.

Also included is well over 3 hours of Christian Music donated by the recording artists themselves; After the Chase, ApologetiX, Beth Champion Mason, Brenda James, B-Shoc , Chad Overman, Christ Our Life, Ethos Worship, Faithland, KC & Julie Clark, Mike Ellis, Morris Mott, Perry and the Poorboys, Pete Buchwald, Reverent Worship, Scott Krippayne, The Indelible Project and Yancy.

Our printable manual in PDF: C4C Lubuntu 16.04 ReSpin User Guide

Help Computers4Christians

C4C collects used computers; freely given, by Christians and others. We wipe hard disks, mix and match parts and make working machines we then give away to whomever requests one in an area we serve. We've given away several hundred "born again" computers and many thousands of copies of our Christian Operating System have been downloaded. We pray each and every computer and/or Christian OS given will help bring the user(s) to Christ, or closer to God. C4C Chapters are needed everywhere - our hope is that many others will start one. See our PDF C4C Chapter Guide to find out more.

If you believe God can use you to help Computers4Christians reach the lost and disciple the saved through the refurbishing and giving away C4C computers; please let us know your name, location in the world, and how best to reach you. We will want to know that you believe in salvation by grace-through-faith in Jesus Christ, have computer skills, are relatively organized, have a place to work on hardware, have your own transportation, and are willing to meet (sometimes strange, new) people to both give and receive computers. Email ericbradshaw or timanderson at computers4christians dot org; and of course visit us on the Internet at Computers4Christians.Org