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[Creation Time] [Time Stamp]
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FileUUID="0a3e7198-d7bc-4a5f-b66f-fb8acb926737.1.dar" UUID="0a3e7198-d7bc-4a5f-b66f-fb8acb926737"

Meta data file accompanying a backup (incremental/master)

[Time Stamp]

[Archive Information]
description="Backup of my tests folder in my new desktop" # verbose description of what the backup holds
type="master" # or 'diff' for a changes archive.
volumes=3 # umber of archive volumes this backup spans
orig-backup-root="/home/sivan/my-tests" # of what folder this backup was created from.
orig-backup-target-devnode="/dev/scd0" # device where this backup has been originally stored to
orig-backup-mp="/media/cdrom0" # the mount point corresponding to orig-backup-target-devnode
orig-userid="sivan" # the user account that was used to create this backup

Search Order for Backup Archive File

  • Search in cwd.
  • Attempt to find file in orig-backup-mp.
  • Attempt mount(orig-backup-target-devnode) and try to find archive in the returned mount point.

Error Checking

  • Check that first slice file is there.
  • Alert if orig-backup-root no longer exists and offer to use alternative location.

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