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 * ''' [[http://diegoturcios.wordpress.com/2009/06/02/ubuntu-honduras-localteam-en-el-barcamp/| BarCamp Unitec ]]''' - One of one members of the Loco Team talk about Ubuntu in the [[http://diegoturcios.wordpress.com/2009/06/06/todo-un-exito-presentacion-de-ubuntu-honduras-localteam-en-barcamp/| BarCamp ]], with the help of other members of the Loco Team that study at [[http://www.unitec.edu/|UNITEC]], he did a great job.  * ''' [[http://sites.google.com/a/unitec.edu/barcampsps/| BarCamp Unitec ]]''' - One of one members of the Loco Team talk about Ubuntu in the [[http://diegoturcios.wordpress.com/2009/06/06/todo-un-exito-presentacion-de-ubuntu-honduras-localteam-en-barcamp/| BarCamp ]], with the help of other members of the Loco Team that study at [[http://www.unitec.edu/|UNITEC]], he did a great job.


Ubuntu-hn is the name of a young and fast-growing Loco Team from Honduras. One of our main objectives is to promote the use of Ubuntu Linux and Free Software in our country. We are having the help of all Ubuntu Centralamerica Loco Teams to make our propose become true, and help other Ubuntu Centralamerica Loco Teams to make their objectives become true as well.

Key Details


Basic resources for the team are set up and running:


  • Membership - Grow, both in quantity and quality. Reach the number of 75 active members at end of this year 2009.

  • Ubuntu-Tour - One of our big projects consists on doing the Ubuntu-Tour giving conferences on schools in Honduras; and talk and teach about Ubuntu Linux and Free Software.

  • Working with other organisations - Participate in regional community projects and initiatives, such as FLISOL, Ubuntu Latin America, Spanish LoCo Teams, etc. Engage our members more actively in the Ubuntu community.

  • Advocacy/Installfests/Conferences - Continue with Ubuntu related conferences and workshops in the different universities, schools and cities across the country.

  • Documentation - Motivate our members to start work with the translation and/or compilation of guides, tutorials and Ubuntu marketing material in Spanish.


  • Linux Tour - With the help of Ubuntu-ni and the GNU/Linux Community of Nicaragua we organized an international event the Linux Tour at UNITEC.

  • FLISOL 2009 - The Ubuntu-hn Loco Team was the official organizer of the FLISOL 2009 at the city of San Pedro Sula. FLISOL is a huge Latin American Installfest/Conference with more than 200 participating cities in 19 countries. The Ubuntu-hn team obtained official support for this event from the UPN.

  • Jaunty Installation Party - We also organized at the FLISOL 2009 the first Ubuntu Release Jaunty Jackalope Installation Party in San Pedro Sula.

  • IRC meetings - We organized meeting for our events. Also we use the ubuntu-hn channel for discussions about the team, and helping new honduras users.

  • Ubuntu-hn Logo Team Election - We decided the election of our official logo

  • BarCamp Unitec - One of one members of the Loco Team talk about Ubuntu in the BarCamp, with the help of other members of the Loco Team that study at UNITEC, he did a great job.

  • I Ubucon Central America-Diego Turcios the team contact of the team was present at the I Ubucon Central America and was part of this first and great meeting.

  • Pizza Bash-We organized our first informal meeting at a pizza restaurant. We had a great time talking and sharing Ubuntu topics and about our future events. We also decided on the design of our shirts and the dates for their production. One member of the team, brought a sample of the shirt, collected the money and we finally have our shirts next week.


  • Ubuntu Honduras is a great example of a young, energetic and enthusiastic team. Ubuntu-hn has grown, both in membership and in experience in the last months. The team is a vital part of the greater Ubuntu Central American Team, and as such, their input and contributions are most valuable. Giving Ubuntu-hn the status of official team is an acknowledge for all their hard work. - leogg - Ubuntu Nicaragua, Ubuntu Member

  • I've been watching the work of this guys for some time, its a really proactive team with some really special members who provide a lot of support to our Ubuntu Central American Team. I think they deserve to be an official team. Diego Tejera - Ubuntu Panama

  • This is a great team, the guys are working for the Ubuntu mision, our team is very happy for our friend country Honduras, they are doing events, we are happy to work with them, and I know they will be an aproved community. Ubuntu Central American Team will work with Ubuntu-Hn team, because their contributions are very important DKcross - Ubuntu El Salvador

  • Ubuntu-HN has multiplied in membership and events in a difficult context, it's always been pleasant to assist Elvira (initially) and Diego, and watching as they welcome other members in a truly Ubuntu way. The team and its members always seek advice when needed and Diego has stepped up as a valuable lead, setting ambitious goals and getting support from team members and the wider community, but also making sure everyone notices, by sharing. Go Honduras! - FabianRodriguez aka MagicFab - Ubuntu Quebec and former Ubuntu Colombia lead.

  • These guys Rock!!! They have been a good example on how to grow a community by taking good care of new comers and politely handling unfriendly people on the IRC. "You will approve them..." (Jedi mind trick) Wink ;) . Javier Alvarez (JManGt) - Ubuntu Guatemala.

  • I met Diego Turcios and some other members of the Honduran community at Nicaragua. They are full of great ideas and eager to contribute with Ubuntu and free software in general. We formed a work group with all the LoCos from Central America; and Honduras is being an essential part of this effort. Since then, we've been working together sharing our goals, our time and our resources. By approving Honduras you will promote the growth of Ubuntu in all the region. - Leo Arias - Ubuntu Costa Rica.

  • I met the Ubuntu Honduras Loco Team in San Pedro Sula, when i was attending the LinuxTour San Pedro Sula, the first event of this team, and supported by Ubuntu Nicaragua LoCo Team. We decided to support the team because we saw they want to work and promote Ubuntu in honduras. This team is becoming in a very active community, making an official team of Ubuntu Honduras will give a backup to promote Ubuntu and to contribute the Ubuntu Project. n0rman -Ubuntu Nicaragua, Ubuntu Member

  • Ubuntu Honduras team's work is really good. They have been working a lot and I have seen them grow since the beginning. I met part of the team on June in the Encuentro Centroamericano de Software Libre(Centroamerican Free Software Summit) and they had a great participation. Go Honduras!! Adolfo Fitoria -Ubuntu Nicaragua Team Contact.

  • We know what ubuntu Honduras has all this time and with the approval of Ubuntu-hn fortalezera ubuntu Central American community to make bigger, stronger and so able to do more and better projects for our region, Central American! *_*Ahcupidin Ubuntu El Salvador*_*

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