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Our current mailing list is being hosted by one of our members, [:Justin_Giardina]. Feel free to sign up at
http://lists.revx.runyaga.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-houston . We have requested an "ubuntu" hosted list and will post that information when it becomes available.
Our current mailing list is http://groups.google.com/group/ubuntu-houston-team.




Welcome to the HoustonTeam wiki. This the collaboration place for users in the greater Houston, Texas area to find information on local events and resources. We are in the process of organizing the team and invite anyone in the area to join us.


For more information on this team feel free to contact [wiki:Justin_Giardina Justin Giardina] at jgiardina_AT_gmailDOTcom or [wiki:BelindaLopez Belinda Lopez] at dinda_AT_ubuntuDOTcom.

We have a small IRC channel #ubuntu-houston on the freenode IRC network (irc.freenode.net). In the future, we may want to schedule a monthly IRC meeting.

Our current mailing list is http://groups.google.com/group/ubuntu-houston-team.

How to Contribute

We are a team with many helpers and no leaders! If you are interested in helping to organize meetings/events/other please join the mailing list and try to make it to a monthly meeting. Personally, I would love to see someone help organize an installfest but we could also use someone to help market the group and help get out meeting announcements in the local press, flyers made and posted around town.

  • Team Logo - if someone wants to take a shot at creating a logo for us, that would just rock.
    • I have a friend that is making one for us, probably just add houston to the stock ubuntu logo, nothing fancy - ["Ernesto4"]
    • attachment:proofs.pdf - 3 ideas for a logo made by Dayva @ http://www.gebhartstudio.com/

    • There's an attempt at on my wiki under "Ubuntu Related Projects" - ["JohnLittle"]

    • UPDATE: We agreed, during the April 18th meeting, that JohnLittle's logo will be adopted for our team.


Lee is working on a Hardware Testing event at Directron, a local computer supply store in the Harwin area.

Launchpad Membership Policy

We will need to decide whether or not to use Launchpad to help organize our team. No discussion has taken place yet.


September meeting:

TBD: anyone want to suggest a date and time?

Please visit the [:/Meetings:Meetings] page for more details and notes from previous and upcoming meetings.


["/People"] - This page has information about who some of the memebers of the team are. Please post your WikiName on this page.


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