• The Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Team is starting as a project of the Ubuntu Women's Group. We seek to create a cohesive HCI effort to provide feedback to Developers.

    The team is in the early stages of formation and will hold our first brainstorming session on Thursday, January 9 at 15:00 UTC in the #ubuntu-women IRC channel on freenode. Please see the wiki page on for more info. The team is open to all interested in the area of HCI.


Please add your name to the list if you are interested in joining the team. I am looking into creating a Launchpad Team and other collaboration tools.

Belinda Lopez - feel free to contact me "dinda AT" or catch me on IRC: dinda

How to Contribute

I(Belinda/Dinda) will look into creating a Launchpad Team and ways to integrate with Artwork and other teams. We are also looking toward working with the project or more likely setting up an internal team. For the moment we need help brainstorming on the team structure (a sub group of the Artwork or other team?), when in the development cycle can we help the most (pre-release but after there is something to review? in the Spec stage?) and ??

I also see that the Desktop Team might be another area of collaboration. We don't want to duplicate work efforts but also see a need for a mechanism for non-programmers to collaborate on the project in the area of HCI.


  • Brainstorming on IRC during the UbuntuWomenIRCMeetup day
  • Team Structure
  • Integration with other teams
  • Feedback mechanisms

Launchpad Membership Policy

  • The team will be open to all interested individual who wish to contribute.


First meeting will be on Jan. 9 at 15:00 UTC, see UbuntuWomenIRCMeetup for info.

Sub-pages : HCI_Resources

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