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The foundations of the Hungarian Ubuntu local community were laid in December 2005, when the first version of the homepage was launched by two volunteers. It was a collaboration centric site with a wiki and a forum. People started to show up and contribute. Some members met in person in April 2006 first, while the registrations and contributions were growing steadily. We decided to organize a conference for users. With the help of Canonical, it was a huge success.

The conference was a great opportunity to bring all the people together who wanted to contribute. The real local community was formed back then. Since then, we've been involved in a lot of things, like promoting Ubuntu at various festivals, organizing translation sprints, release parties, and other events for our local community.

Key Details

  • Date - September 30, 2008

  • Team Contact - Szilveszter Farkas <>

  • Membership - ?? as of September 30, 2008

  • Mailing List - ubuntu-hu on

  • IRC - #ubuntu-hu on Freenode


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  • Launched the Hungarian Ubuntu LoCo homepage (December 19, 2005) based on MediaWiki and phpBB.