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== Ubuntu Support channels == == Ubuntu support channels ==
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||[[irc://|#ubuntu-education]]||Generally non-technical channel for Ubuntu in education||Rich``Ed||
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== Ubuntu channels for discussion ==

||<tablestyle="width: 100%;" rowbgcolor="#cccccc;">'''Channel'''||'''Description'''||'''Contact person(s)'''||
||[[irc://|#ubuntu-discuss]]||Non-Support Ubuntu Discussion channel||[[LaunchpadHome:ubuntu-irc-council|IRC Council]]||
||[[irc://|#ubuntu-offtopic]]||Community related non-support discussion||[[LaunchpadHome:ubuntu-irc-council|IRC Council]]||
||[[irc://|#kubuntu-offtopic]]||Community related non-support discussion||Nalioth||
||[[irc://|#xubuntu-offtopic]]||Community related non-support discussion||[[LaunchpadHome:xubuntu-team|Xubuntu Team]]||
||[[irc://|#lubuntu-offtopic]]||Community related non-support discussion||[[LaunchpadHome:lubuntu-desktop|Lubuntu Team]]||
||[[irc://|#ubuntuforums]]||Ubuntu Forums: Forum Community chat ||ForumCouncil||
||[[irc://|#ubuntu-steam]]||Steam for Linux Discussion channel||[[LaunchpadHome:bryce|bryceh]]||

Ubuntu support channels



Contact person(s)


Ubuntu help channel

IRC Council


Kubuntu help channel



Edubuntu help channel

Edubuntu Council


Xubuntu help channel

Xubuntu Team


Lubuntu help channel

Lubuntu Team


Ubuntu Studio help channel



Ubuntu GNOME help channel

Jeremy Bicha


Help channel for development versions

IRC Council


Ubuntu PowerPC support


ubuntu-phone and tablet Discussion and Support channel


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