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Clear message

By using the Ubuntu IRC Channels you indicate that you have read and agree to adhere to the freenode policies and procedures (as described on their website) and that you agree to the following:

Channel Rules

  • In every Ubuntu IRC channel (this includes any channel starting with #ubuntu, #kubuntu, #xubuntu, #edubuntu, and #ubuntustudio) the Ubuntu Code of Conduct must be followed at all times by every user. This Code of Conduct is central to all aspects of Ubuntu and IRC is no exception.

  • You should check the topic and any entry message (send as a notice by ChanServ) when you enter a channel, they may give important information on specific channel rules and possibly channel logging.

  • In the Core Channels the IRC Guidelines constitute the main channel rules, they must be followed by all users at all times.


  • Some of the Ubuntu IRC channels are publicly logged on the internet, channels which are publicly logged with have "ununtulog" (for non LoCo channel), or "locobot_#" (where "#" is a number, for LoCo channels).

  • When joining a channel which is publicly logged ChanServ will send you a notice when you enter the channel informing you that it is logged, it may (or may not) also be noted in the channel topic.

  • By participating in one of these channels you agree to have anything you send to the channel publicly stored on http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ or http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/ (these sites are also indexed by search engines, such as Google).