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Email: alexpatrick314@gmail.com

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Location: United States

About Me

Froyo is a version of Android (2.2), that was the newest at the time my account was created. My phone however, wasn't on Froyo during that time, hence my username.

I am a student and GNU/Linux power user. I spend most of my free time outside, usually biking or taking a walk. I am fluent in Russian, and I'm learning Japanese.

Ubuntu Forums not only helped me learn Linux, but computers in general. When I joined, I was asking why "su" wasn't working in the terminal. Now, I'm learning C++ and BASH. Ubuntu Forums took me that far, and I'm highly grateful to the community.

I started using computers with Windows ME, and I didn't really know much about them. I was still running Windows XP in 2010, before I found out about Ubuntu. I tried Lucid, and promptly wiped my computers of Windows. I now use a Toshiba T235D-S1360 13.3" laptop, and I have a homemade desktop. All of my computers run Ubuntu.


I install and reinstall Linux a lot, usually just to play around with different distributions. I am a beginning web designer, I'm learning several scripting languages (JavaScript, BASH, and Lua), and I'm learning several "compilable" languages such as Java and C++. I like to read fiction novels, and I sketch out a lot of random technical ideas that I get, like possible aircraft designs and project ideas. I also write a lot, both on the computer and on paper.

Ubuntu Contributions

Ubuntu Forums- I've been active since joining in December 2010, now having over 450 posts in the support areas. I'm generally in the General Help or Absolute Beginner Talk areas, but I post anywhere I can help. My profile is here.

LaunchPad- I have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, and I help out once in a while on the wikis. I am a member of the Ubuntu Virginia LoCo team, and of the Ubuntu Documentation Contributors.

IRC- I am generally on #ubuntu. I help as often as I can.

Blogging- I have a Linux blog, with a general focus around Ubuntu at www.guide2linux.org.

The Future

I plan to continue being active in the Ubuntu Forums, start contributing more actively to the wiki, and to start contributing code (once my programming skills are good enough). I also plan to become more active on my blog, rewriting it, and starting to including tutorials.


Please visit my application on the Ubuntu Forums.

If I've helped you, please feel free to leave a comment here, too.

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