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Name: Ian Dexter R. Marquez

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Location: Science City of Munoz, Philippines

Email: iandexter@gmail.com

IRC: iandexter on irc.freenode.net and irc.free.net.ph

GPG key: 0x707F6E40

About me

I'm a web plumber and network janitor for the Philippine Rice Research Institute, and our current project, the Open Academy for Philippine Agriculture - Pinoy Farmers' Internet.

My foray into open source started in 2001, when I got to look after a tiny Red Hat box that does everything from web and DNS caching to doing my laundry. Since then, I've ventured into other distros, including Fedora Core, Slackware, Mandrake and Debian. I frequent the Philippine Linux Users Group mailing list, dishing out help to other Linux users from time to time, but mostly asking a lot of questions myself. I'm also a member of the Computer Professionals Union, a Philippine-based group committed to free and open source software and information technology for the people. I'm part of the Debian-TL translation team, as well, doing translations on some packages.

Involvement on Ubuntu

Update: Our organization is now in the midst of migrating 70% of desktops to Kubuntu. We've found, based on informal testing, that KDE provides a more suitable desktop environment for the users who are used to Windows. Our tech support team have tested interoperability with Windows in the still predominantly Microsoft environment. Our deployment will hopefully be complete by December 2005.

I've recently deployed a 30-node LTSP setup running on Ubuntu Hoary for the PhilRice Biotechnology Intellectual Property Rights Training Center. Our organization is currently implementing a migration of desktops to Ubuntu and Philippine-produced Bayanihan Linux.

I am also a member of the LoCo Philippine Team. Hopefully, I can contribute to the localization efforts for the Philippines, as well do some local testing, deployment and promotion of Ubuntu, Edubuntu and Kubuntu distributions in my province.


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