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== Contact Information (and quite a bit too much of it)== == Contact Information (and quite a bit too much of it) ==

Contact Information (and quite a bit too much of it)

Contact me any time on any of these; I'll get back to it if I'm not around (I'm usually set on away even if I'm there, so be warned).

Random Other Stuff

  • "Converted," as it were, to Ubuntu in January, 2007 upon realizing his computer was getting too unstable and he might as well.
  • Member, in whatever extent he can be, of ["ArizonaTeam"]. Officially, leader of the [:ArizonaTeam/Teams/Membership: Membership] subteam.

  • A native of Arizona; born in Flagstaff, now lives in Tucson.
  • Runs Feisty on Desktop and Laptop, with fluxbox as window manager.
  • High school student; University High School, for the reference of any Tucsonans who stop by.

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