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Put your IceDove icons here! There are also pages for the IceWeaselIcon and the IceApeIcon.

Please use this template:






A little easier to make it square this time, although I'm at a loss to make it any "icier." And it wouldn't do to make this one blue, since it's a dove. Is there such a thing as a blue dove? -- K.Mandla



This time with an envelope. I'm not sure why I had a globe on the first one. I think my brain was disengaged for a moment. -- K.Mandla

Very nice. You might try making it slightly bluer, for more icyness. Another possibility would be to add some icicles to it, but that might or might not actually look good. Maybe some faint blue streaks trailing the wings? (BTW, what software do you use? Do you use a tablet? Did you draw the dove yourself? It'd be really cool if you made a page on the Wiki explaining your techniques.

• • • unicko • • •

Really i think the green color is the lovely color for the gnuzilla suite

your stuff is really nice, keep up the good work, although i think the head is kinda wierd.... maybe change it to look more like a dove's head? it looks more like an owl's to be perfectly honest -- Polygon


What about something like this? (not my work - found via Google)


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