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||LostInBrittany||attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_04_117x117.png attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_04_48x48.png attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_04_17x17.png||
||||A dark grey contour, looks better than black one IMHO.||
||LostInBrittany||attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_04_117x117.png attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_04_48x48.png attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_04_17x17.png attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_05_17x17.png||
||||A dark grey contour, looks better than black one IMHO. Edit: 17x17 shown twice, at left non retouched, at right passed by Gimp to get better definition. ||

||LostInBrittany||attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_06_117x117.png attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_06_48x48.png attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_06_17x17.png ||
||||Testing left-headed weasel... ||

Put your IceWeasel icons here! There are also pages for the IceDoveIcon and the IceApeIcon.

Use this template:




I'll start the icon list:



This is the original by K.Mandla -- I prefer IYY's version; I agree that it should be squarer, and I like the idea that the weasel should be bluer, which will make it look "icier." This one sticks to the Tango colors, but aside from that probably needs a little attention to get it within their guidelines. -- K.Mandla



A revision -- This is closer to what I like. It's a bit of a cross between SlimDog360's #2 (with the blue-to-white gradients) and IYY's revision (with a squarer shape). I softened the tail a bit (I was looking at weasel tails and decided to make it less "fluffy") and removed the offside eye, which bothered me. This also uses the Gnome globe, which is GNU ... and GNUer is better! Har har. -- K.Mandla

-- This is a winner by my standards. Square, more blue and it uses a GNU image for the globe. Only problem i have is the current image shows up small on my panels compared to everything else, but im sure this will be fixed when its a .svg or whatever.. --Polygon

--I still prefer IIY's version. I don't like the gloss on the globe in this one, and you've lost the sparkle of the weasel's tail. Sorry, but I think this is a recession, rather than a revision...--T Smithe

-- I don't think that blue makes it icier... snow and ice are plain white not blue, it is also harder to see the weasel, since the earth is already blue. --Ferk

Looking at this on another monitor, it's almost too blue. The image of the weasel I traced it off was almost pure white, and I'm wondering if backing off the blue side and making it more white might also make it more distinguishable at smaller sizes. This might just turn into a blue blob at 48x48. -- K.Mandla

GStubbs43 #2



GStubbs43 #3



GStubbs43 #4



GStubbs43 #5



GStubbs43 #6



GStubbs43 #7



GStubbs43 #8



GStubbs43 #9


Comments: I think this would be the correct one... the icon was the reason of the problem... why to eliminate the icon?, else put firefox icon >,> --Biomega

GStubbs43 #10


Original icon is in attachments under GStubbs10-gino2.png (had to be resized)

Comments: -- I prefer this icon, as it uses the GNOME Globe and is released under a GNU Lisence, the others are Tango Globes, under a Creative Commons Lisence --GStubbs43



Square weasel (head and body higher), no glowing nodes, tango colours.

Comments: EDIT: I like k.mandlas now, it has the suggestions i posted here.) I like this one the best, but i also like the blue weasel in SlimDog360's #2, maybe you could just make the weasel in this one blue like slimdogs. --Polygon



original icon can be found at []

Comments: Made from scratch in inkscape, I'm happy to assign whatever license is suitable.

This looks great ... can you put this under tri-license? and provide an svg? Can you make something similar for IceDoveIcon (Thunderbird) and IceApeIcon (SeaMonkey)? mail me at as we need to push those IceLizards pretty soon.

Umm -- this icon gives me a funny feeling on the inside. It gives a different feel than the Firefox one ... is that weasel humping the Earth? ~ ch4rm

You mean something like this? [] Smile :) -- Faceless

I just love this icon. It's the one I'll use personally anyways. --Tribaal

By far the best Big Grin :) -- VincentZekred DateTime(2006-10-10T15:55:09Z)

Holy crap Faceless, that is freaking awesome Funny :)) *golf clap* - MarkRiedesel

It does looks great, although I would need to see a 32x32 versión. Scaling down this one doesnt get a result that great.--Ferk

I still prefer IIY and Kmandala's #2... this icon doesnt look all that great when its scaled down to a icon size and the weasel looks more like a white fox.--Polygon

Faceless' icon should be the throbber for Iceweasel, methinks Smile :-) MarkReidesel's original has the same look and feel as the other Mozilla product logos, which I like. - ChrisLees

Protip: Weasels do not have fox-like ears or fox-like muzzles. Riedesel's submission looks more like an Australian Brushtail Possum. - ChrisBaird

@ChrisBaird - Smaller/pointier chin and shorter/rounder ears? The upper-front part of the mouth is probably too wide as well, I'll tweak 'em after some sleep, thankw for the tips - MarkRiedesel




SlimDog360 #2



SlimDog360 #3





It's late, I'm going home. Will do a bit more tomorrow.



I really like this -- TSmithe


attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_02_117x117.png attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_02_48x48.png attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_02_17x17.png

Here my take on the icons. As icons need to be good not only at full size but also at 48x48 et 17x17 (the size of the small icon in top of program window), I've made a PNG for each of the three sizes.


attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_03_117x117.png attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_03_48x48.png attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_03_17x17.png

Here another version with darker contours for the weasel.


attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_04_117x117.png attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_04_48x48.png attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_04_17x17.png attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_05_17x17.png

A dark grey contour, looks better than black one IMHO. Edit: 17x17 shown twice, at left non retouched, at right passed by Gimp to get better definition.


attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_06_117x117.png attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_06_48x48.png attachment:iceweasel-icon_lostinbrittany_06_17x17.png

Testing left-headed weasel...


UbuntuDemon : here's the forum thread about this :

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