The GtkIconTheme support is important for artwork changes (like the ones we have seen in dapper). To make this process as painless as possible all our important apps need IconTheme support. Gnome has a similar goal: http://live.gnome.org/GnomeGoals/AppIcon


With IconTheme support there is no need to upload a package just because some icon changed, there is a central place to change the look.

Use cases

Michael painted beautiful icons for App X, gets them included in an Icon theme, changes his Icon theme preferences and they don't show up.


Find and patch (and send patches upstream) the packages in main that do not support the GtkIconTheme. This includes (that we know of):

  • ekiga,

  • gnome-power-manager (needs to be verified it has been changed in 2.15.x),

  • gnome-system-tools,

  • rhythmbox,

  • scim,

  • synaptic,

  • update-notifier.

  • liferea (not in main yet)




Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

Finished applications

  • update-notifier
  • synaptic

BoF agenda and discussion

  • What about openoffice.org2. Although it's not a native gtk app, is there a possibility to make it support Icon themes?

  • At the very least it would be nice if OOo2 came with a tangofied theme that fits the rest of the desktop, same for FF
  • This should also include icons in the window list and notification area for the gnome-panel. Applications such as Terminal Server Client and Gaim are good examples of this.


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