One who opens up new areas of thought, research, or development

If you're interested in being a part of the Ubuntu Idaho community, then this is the page for you. Whether you have fifteen minutes or fifteen hours you can spend a month, there is probably some niche you could fill. Here's a few ideas of the teams and/or individuals that could contribute greatly to our team.

NEW MEMBERS - someone who recruits new members, and helps new members adjust, get comfortable - a new member advocate (we could use a lot of these folks)

ACTIVISTS - - someone who is interested in political and grassroots actions

WIKI MANAGEMENT - someone who wants to help maintain the wiki (should be pretty low volume)

WEBSITE MANAGEMENT - ditto, but with the website (still should be low volume of work)

IRC MANAGEMENT - ditto, but with our IRC needs (almost runs itself)

FUND RAISING - someone who wants to take on getting some cash in our coffers, donated swag, etc (heaven help you, but if its your thing, then boy will we looooove you)

COMMUNITY SERVICE - someone who wants to organize one or more community service events, i.e. ways we can give to our community through donations, team events, etc (could be a one time thing, or a regular team)

EVENTS COORDINATION - someone who wants to organize and publicize social and/or education events for team members (could be a one time thing, or monthly events)

SCRIBES - we could always use help with team notes and reports

DOCUMENTATION - everyone can submit for this one! Learn something new, feel free to document and share with the group. If the documentation gets beyond a page or two, we could add another volunteer to manage it!

In a nutshell, we can always use help, so if you have something you enjoy doing, or just want to help out once in awhile, we'll love to have it.

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