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 * [[|Ubuntu Malayalam Translators]]

भारतीय टीम में अापका स्वाागत है । Greetings and Welcome to the Indian Team page



The Ubuntu-in team now has a website!!

Our Aims

  • The main aim of the Indian LoCoTeam is to act as the single point of contact for Ubuntu in India.

  • Be the source of information and inspiration for all present and upcoming Ubuntu users & developers.

  • Represent the Ubuntu project in all major FOSS events in the country.
  • Co-ordinate all Ubuntu related activities and projects which are relevant to India.
  • Increase the usage of Ubuntu (and Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Schooltool, etc..) at local schools and on the desktop.

Who can join and How to join us

Any human using Ubuntu, involved in advocacy, programming, package maintainance, translation work or any Ubuntu-volunteer work in India is welcome to join us here. Please mention details about your Loco-work in the Regional section below along with your contact details.

Mailing list : Subscribe to the ubuntu-IN mailing list

IRC : Hang around on our channel #ubuntu-in at

Website :

Our Work

Translations (Rosetta)

Currently the following Indian language teams exist:

Indian Team Members

The Team Members are listed in the Team page of Ubuntu India Team website.

Regional (City,State) Team Wiki pages for India

  • UbuntuKolhapur, Maharashtra.

  • Add your city team here. Add state name.




IRC: g0sub @ (#ubuntu-in, #gnu-india, #linux-india, #ubuntu)


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