This Team works on making the IndUbuntu dream come true.

The main tasks of this Team are:

  • Federate all Ubuntu and upstream forces interested in the subject and create a Development Community.
  • Sum up the state of IndUbuntu artwork.

  • Specify the functions and the look & feel of the IndUbuntu distribution for better accessibility

  • Create the needed resources (graphical and textual components) and plugins.
  • Package and maintain everything needed for an IndUbuntu.

  • Create a specific distribution for IndUbuntu installation.

  • Maintain and improve the results.
  • Work closely with upstreams.

The Indubuntu will be both suited for desktop usage and operation as a dedicated appliance.


Either contact the Project Leader or the Launchpad Indubuntu Team to get in touch with us.

We use the Ubuntu India Mailing list for the mailing list contact.

How to Contribute

  • Sign up on the launchpad page.

  • Join the mailing list as described above.(so that we can know you better.. Wink ;) )

Launchpad Membership Policy

Any kind of participation is welcome! So, if you feel you are motivated, and have to express ideas and/or skills in the area, join us!

However, we are especially looking for:

  • Translators of all major Indian Languages.
  • Graphic Designers for the User Interface and Artwork.

The difference

IndUbuntu is developed so as to use all FREE softwares (much like gobuntu) and to provide the Indian community with all the major language support and complete accessibility.

IRC Meetings and TODO's

Under Discussion.


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