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Personal Background:

Currently living in a suburb of Indianapolis. Born and raised in Wisconsin. A job transfer took me to Indiana in 1995.

Computer Background:

I've been involved in computers in one form or another since 1967 (IBM 360). In my current employment, I spend the majority of my time designing, building and rolling out corporate information systems. These systems are on a global basis serving the information needs of 1000+ users. My main platforms for these applications include a Apache web server running on a Unix box. We are using php predominantly with a little bit of java scripting. The data backend is handled by a MySQL server.

Operating System Information:

My Linux (Ubuntu family of operating systems) started in January, 2006. My initial installation was Ubuntu V5.10. Subsequently, I have built in Ubuntu V6.10. In November, 2006, I removed Ubuntu V6.10 and did a full replacement with Kubuntu V6.10. On 11-Mar-2007, I added Xubuntu V6.10 to the lineup of active operating systems. I retain boot capabilities into Window 2000 Pro in support of some AV programs that I cannot find suitable replacements for in the Linux world.

Computer Hardware:

The principal PC is configured as:

Intel P4 @2.4G


Radeon Video

1 DVD ROM Optical

1 DVD RW Optical

HD #1 160G SATA (used for ops)

HD #2 320G SATA (used for data storage and initial backups)

Adding 1 external HD (320G SATA)

Broadband access

Printer Lexmark E322 (laser)

Preferred Applications:

Amarok | Sound Juicer | K3B | Firefox | Thunderbird | Krusader | Scite | Partimage


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