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   * don't if you're sending to Debian!


The LSB suggests that init scripts provide a status action:

status_of_proc() library function in lsb-base

DustinKirkland has been working with Debian to provide a status_of_proc() method in /lib/lsb/init-functions, which is provided by the lsb-base package. This function is present as of lsb-3.2-13:

In the meantime, this functionality has been merged into Ubuntu's lsb-base package in lsb 3.2-12ubuntu3:

This diff should be dropped as soon as Debian accepts the functionality and Ubuntu merges the package into Intrepid.

various init script callers

DustinKirkland has provided patches to the key service init scripts that are installable from the Ubuntu Server CD:

OnnoBenschop has provided a script to detect, and compiled a list of init scripts that are lacking status action here:

Countless other init scripts could/should be patched to provide this functionality.

Patch Checklist

When you encounter an init script that lacks a status action:

  1. Determine the source package
    • dpkg -S /etc/init.d/FOO
  2. Open a Bug in Launchpad against the package
  3. Grab the source
    • apt-get source FOO
    • sudo apt-get build-dep FOO
  4. Locate the init script in the source tree, often:
    • debian/*.init
    • debian/rc
  5. Patch the source to
    • have the init script call status_of_proc()
    • have the init script add "status" to the usage statement
    • add a dependency in debian/control for lsb >= 3.2-12ubuntu3

    • if you're sending to Ubuntu
      • add the changelog entry referencing your Launchpad bug
  6. Build a source package
    • debuild -S
  7. Generate a patch
    • debdiff
  8. Compare your work to some of the other patches that did similar things.
  9. Add your patch to the Launchpad bug you filed

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