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 IN PROGRESS - reviews and corrections welcome, feel free to email me to discuss it. Please test the suggestions on a fresh Dapper install, and report any problems you find.

This page is an attempt to become an easy and simple official method to help any user set up SCIM in Dapper. For further explanations, please go to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/InputMethods/SCIM/Setup

=== Quick setup===

SCIM is the name of the program that will allow you

Open system System>Administration>Language Support
 - you'll need administrative rights for these kind of tasks, else ask your system administrator to install it for you.

and install the support package corresponding to the language you want to input
- you'll need an internet connection because these packages don't fit on the Install CD

Then log out (System>Quit>Log Out), and login again.

If your session is using a CJK language (for example, all you menus are in Chinese, Japanese or Korean) you should be able to input it in any application (go to [#Using SCIM] to learn how to do it).

=== In case you're not using a CJK session===

You should already be able to use SCIM input in a few applications, like gedit (Application>Accessories>Text Editor), by right clicking on the document, then selecting Input Methods>SCIM Input Method. However, it won't work in the others, like Open Office.

The recommended method to set up SCIM input for all applications is using a command-line tool called im-switch (where im stands for Input Method, obviously :) ). Before that, you will have to know the name of the locale you're using. In a terminal (Applications>Accessories>Terminal) type :
{{{locale | grep LANG=}}}

The anwer would be something like {{{LANG=en_GB.UTF-8}}} where the relevant part is en_GB(en standing for English and GB for the country, here Great Britain). Another example could be fr_FR (fr for French and FR for France).

Now you just have to tell the system you want to use SCIM as the input method for your locale, using{{{im-switch -z “your locale” -s scim}}} In the above example, with an en_GB locale, you would type in the terminal :
{{{im-switch -z en_GB -s scim}}}

Log out, then log in again. SCIM should be now the default input for all applications (go to [#Using SCIM] to learn how to use it)

=== In case this doesn't work ===

You might have to add your local as a supported locale, by editing (you might have to create it) the file ~/.scim/global (the ~ means it's in your home directory, the . that .scim directory is a hidden file. Just type in an editor :
{{{gedit ~/.scim/global }}}

If you can find a line like
{{{/SupportedUnicodeLocales = en_US.UTF-8}}}
add your locale to it after a coma, not forgetting you need to add the full name reported by {{{locale | grep LANG=}}} after {{{LANG=}}}. In case of English for Great Britain, your line would look like this one :
{{{/SupportedUnicodeLocales = en_US.UTF-8,en_GB.UTF-8 }}}

If the line wasn't there, create it, then save the file.

Log out, then log in and you should be able to use SCIM input in every application.

=== Using SCIM===[[Anchor(Using SCIM)]]

SCIM should now start along with every application. To trigger it, use any of these shortcut keys : Control+space, Shift+space, Zenkaku_Hankaku(on Japanese keyboard), Hangul(on Korean keyboard)

While inputting, if you want to switch back and forth between your CJK language and your session language, you can just use the Shift key. Fast and easy!

=== Reverting changes===

“”*** Need help there, because I don't know how to revert the settings changed by using im-switch. The method should preferably been done using a single command ***””
#REFRESH 0 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SCIM

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