Install Adobe Acrobat Reader in Ubuntu

In this guide we will give you a short description off how to install the software Adobe Acrobat Reader on Ubuntu.

This guide works for Ubuntu 8.04 known as Hardy Heron, and Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibson) .


1. You must go to Adobe website, specifically to the address;

2. You must choose the options that follow your requirements. But note, that in "Select an Installer" option you must choose the DEB instaler. The option is: "Linux - x86(.deb);

3. Press select and the download will start;

4. Go to folder where the the download as send, and double click in the debian package named AdobeReader_lan-x.x.x-x.i386.deb.

5. Then the Package Installer will open for you, and you must choose the Install Package option;

6. Because you need, administrative rights to install software in Linux, for your system security, it will prompt to you a window so that you enter your password. Do it;

7. The Package Installer will do the rest of the job.

  • When the Package Installer finished, Adobe Acrobat will be installed in your computer.

    It will accessible by going to Applications -> Office. Or right click on a PDF document, and choosing the option "Open With".


In the fourth step:

lan - indicates the chosen language;

x.x.x-x - indicates the version off software;

Important Notes

Note 1

Adobe Acrobat Reader is not free and open software, it's a proprietary product created by Adobe.

So this software, it is not maintained by any member off the Ubuntu Community, and any possible errors (bugs) presented by it is not responsibility off the Ubuntu Community;

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