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 * ["Installation/XubuntuDesktop"] - Installation of a full function desktop using Xubuntu as a base


Basic Installation

  • HardwareSupport and SupportedArchitectures - Check if your hardware works with Ubuntu

  • GettingUbuntu - How to obtain the Install CD

  • BurningIsoHowto - Once you've obtained the CD image, burn it to CD with this guide

  • ["Installation/I386"] - Guide to the install process on Intel based computers
  • ["Installation/AMD64"] - Guide to the install process on AMD 64-bit computers
  • ["Installation/PowerPC"] - Guide to the install process of Power-PC (MAC) computers
  • ["Installation/32bitonAMD64"] - Guide to get past boot errors when installing Ubuntu i386 on an AMD 64-bit system

Advanced Installation Methods

  • SmartBootManagerHowto - Installing from PC which will not boot from CD

  • ["Installation/FromKnoppix"] - If the Ubuntu installer lets you down
  • [:InstallFromDebianSargeCDHowto: InstallFromDebianSargeCDHowto] - When the only thing you have is a debian 3.0 CD set. <-- page doesn't exist

  • ["Installation/Netboot"] - Installing over the net, e.g. with no CDROM or non-bootable SCSI CDROM
  • ["Installation/FromWindows"] - Installing Ubuntu from Windows without using floppies, a CD, or any other removeable media.
  • ["Installation/FromUSBStick"] - Installing Ubuntu from an USB memory stick
  • ["Installation/OnNFSDrive"] - Installing on a NFS-server and using with diskless clients.
  • WartyUpgradeNotes - upgrading from pre-Release or Debian Woody to Warty Warthog

  • BootFromFirewireHardDisk - How to boot linux from a firewire hard disk.

  • VirtualMachines - Using Ubuntu with VMware and XEN

  • WindowsDualBootHowTo - install Ubuntu on the same hard drive as an existing Windows installation

  • ["Installation/LowMemorySystems"] - Install Ubuntu on older computers with low memory
  • FakeRaidHowto - How to install a ubuntu system on a bios raid

  • ["Installation/LVMOnRaid"] - Installing onto a Software RAID Array, with all partitions on RAID and LVM (including root and boot)
  • ["Installation/FromHardDriveWithFloppies"] - Installing Ubuntu without a CD drive or Network capapbilities

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