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Clear message

// QUICK OVERVIEW OF WHAT I DID ON DAPPER. Please apply formatting.

# sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-386

// Buy and Download the vmware package (I Used the tar.gz of 5.5)

# cd /vmware-distrib # sudo ./

// Use ALL defaults // When it asks to run say "yes"

// Prompted to compile, say yes and accept all defaults.

// Networking: // NAT will allow a private LAN between the HOST and the GUEST // BRIDGED will allow the GUEST to obtain it's own IP from your ISP or Router // Host-Only will setup access for the GUEST to access the HOST only (i.e. No internet).

// Icon is in Applications menu or type vmware in a terminal or run dialog

// NOTE: NEVER run vmware as root (i.e. using sudo)