Approval Application for Iranian Team (ubuntu-ir)

The Iranian Ubuntu LoCo is a growing OPEN community of old Debian users (in head) and many linux & free software newbies. The Ubuntu Iranian Team plans to grow the local ecosystem of individuals, companies, non-profits and governmental and intergovernmental institutions in Iran working (or wanting to work) with Ubuntu. We want to do that by organizing and supporting promotional, educational and community activities.

Persian is the main language of IranianTeam and we welcome other persian talking neighbor countries like Afghanistan using our resources to shape their community.

Key Details

  • Date - (9 Dec 2006)

  • Team Contact - Mehdi Hassanpour <>

  • Membership - 106 as of 28 October 2006

  • Mailing List - ubuntu-ir on

  • IRC - #ubuntu-ir on Freenode


  • Best Non-profit Support - Our community of users are working to prepare the best non-profit support through web resources.

  • Spread Using Edubuntu in schools - As Edubuntu is one of the best distros for kids and schools to be familiar with computer world, we have plans to spread using and installing Edubuntu in schools.

  • Distribute CDs Locally - We have plans to distribute Ubuntu CDs and DVDs locally to make it as faster and easier as possible for everyone to have copies of Ubuntu.

  • Meetings - We have regular public and private meetings.

  • Ubuntu in Government of Iran - As I'm a member of Iranian FOSS foundation and it has very near communications with the Iranian Government, we are working hard to spread Ubuntu to be used as the first distro by Iranian Government. One example is ITRC (Iran Telecommunication Reseach Center), that will migrate from windows to ubuntu soon. Ubuntu fans and our community members promoted Ubuntu well there.

  • Fairs and Conferences - We have special plans for local fairs & conferences too.

  • Translating Ubuntu into Persian - Translating Ubuntu into persian is another field that our community members are working hard on it.

  • Install Fests - We have plans to held install fests regularly after every ubuntu release.


  • Translating Ubuntu Docs - We have good translated Ubuntu guides for newbies now. A list of them is available at our IranianTeam wiki page.

  • Fairs and Conferences - We had 4 special seminars for Ubuntu at ELECOMP 2006 (Electronic & Computer international Fair). We had ~200 visitors and good free speaches there.

  • Persian Ubuntu Site - Completely persian Ubuntu site for Iranian to be informed about the latest Ubuntu News.

  • Persian Ubuntu Wiki - Completely Persian Ubuntu Wiki. We've started translating usefull guides from Ubuntu Wiki there.

  • Persian Ubuntu Forums - Completely Persian Ubuntu Forums. A good place for newbie support.

  • Homa Magic add-on CD - As many Iranian don't have good/fast internet, we provide a selected of mostly used Ubuntu repository packages on CD/DVD with an easy to use graphical installer.

  • Install Fest - We had a big install fest, held on SFD 2006 in Tehran. Ubuntu installed by community members on around ~200 PCs.

  • Meetings - Tehlug helds regular weekly educational meetings. It's head staff are ubuntu-ir admins too. Tehlug's last meeting was about installing ubuntu on a ppc.

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