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Hardy Relase Party||We'll hold it the same as the ILUG PoTD||
=== Hardy Relase Party ===
We'll hold it the same as the ILUG PoTD


  • ebel
  • happy_tux
  • ompaul
  • delcoyote


  • Discussed the release party


Hardy Relase Party

We'll hold it the same as the ILUG PoTD

Any Other Business

(no other business)


(Earlier in the day on #ubuntu-ie)

Apr 20 14:58:51 <delcoyote>     ebel are you in Dublin?
Apr 20 15:00:18 <ebel>  delcoyote: yeah, dublin.
Apr 20 15:00:49 <delcoyote>     oupss, you will come the.... 26th? to burn cd's?
Apr 20 15:01:24 <ebel>  yeah. I want to.
Apr 20 15:01:43 <delcoyote>     me too, not till late, but I wonder how many will appear over there :)
Apr 20 15:02:20 <delcoyote>     well Im gone, really have to stick my nose into the books
Apr 20 15:03:22 <ebel>  mmm, i don't think many people know about the hardy release party on the 26th....
Apr 20 15:04:25 <ompaul>        well it has not been published on the ILUG mailing list
Apr 20 15:04:40 <ompaul>        and there is an ILUG POTD called for the following Thursday
Apr 20 15:05:25 <ebel>  yeah.
Apr 20 15:05:49 <ebel>  like no organising has been done.
Apr 20 15:05:57 <ompaul>        you could call it for the same place same night
Apr 20 15:05:57 <ebel>  (it's not like I can complain anyway)
Apr 20 15:06:20 <ompaul>        and then just shout Ubuntu and words like LIBC
Apr 20 15:06:30 <ompaul>        and so forth at random
Apr 20 15:06:30 <ebel>  (Since it's all just a bunch of people doing it in their free time, and I can help just as much as the next person_
Apr 20 15:06:37 <ebel>  LIBC?
Apr 20 15:06:41 <ompaul>        libc
Apr 20 15:06:46 <ompaul>        ahh
Apr 20 15:06:50 <ebel>  ah. XD
Apr 20 15:08:40 <ebel>  mmmmaybe. that might be easier alright.
Apr 20 15:09:49 <ebel>  no point fracturing things.
Apr 20 15:12:46 *       thadeoc (n=HP_Owner@ has joined #ubuntu-ie
Apr 20 15:17:48 <delcoyote>     that would be a good idea
Apr 20 15:18:19 <delcoyote>     I prefer to burn cd's in the pub :D
Apr 20 15:21:09 <ebel>  hehehe.
Apr 20 15:21:47 <ompaul>        well what you do is you turn up there top floor after 7pm
Apr 20 15:22:54 <ebel>  Usually I skim ILUG, I missed this potd.
Apr 20 15:24:53 <ompaul>        it was announced on Friday after Thursday nights sesshion
Apr 20 15:25:01 *       ompaul goes for pun value
Apr 20 15:25:51 <delcoyote>     25th??
Apr 20 15:27:04 *       ompaul has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
Apr 20 15:33:32 *       thadeoc has quit ("Leaving")
Apr 20 15:46:16 <delcoyote>     I've made a comment in #linux
Apr 20 15:46:21 <delcoyote>     L-space

At 9pm, when the meeting starts.

Apr 20 21:14:07 <ebel>  I don't think there's much to talk about, 'cept the release party.
Apr 20 21:14:30 <ebel>  and I think everyone's cool with doing that on the ilug potd.
Apr 20 21:15:39 <ompaul>        so will I add that to the topic and one of you send it to the list
Apr 20 21:15:52 <ompaul>        ebel, ?
Apr 20 21:16:12 <ebel>  Sure.
Apr 20 21:17:27 *       ChanServ gives channel operator status to ompaul
Apr 20 21:17:27 *       ompaul has changed the topic to: Welcome to Ubuntu Ireland! || Read: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Gutsy || Ubuntu Ireland Forums http://ie.ubuntuforums.org/ || https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam || https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ie ||Mailing list : http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-ie || Ubuntu release party - Join the ILUG POTD on 1st May, in Longstone Pub, Townsend St, 7pm until it ends ;-)
Apr 20 21:17:27 *       ChanServ removes channel operator status from ompaul
Apr 20 21:23:15 <delcoyote>     1st of May? not the 25th of April?
Apr 20 21:27:43 <delcoyote>     I man there is another potd the 25?
Apr 20 21:28:01 *       BOZG has quit (Remote closed the connection)
Apr 20 21:28:55 *       BOZG (n=stephen@ has joined #ubuntu-ie
Apr 20 21:36:11 *       happy_tux (n=derek@ has joined #ubuntu-ie
Apr 20 21:36:55 <happy_tux>     hi there
Apr 20 21:38:37 <ebel>  hiya happy_tux 
Apr 20 21:38:44 <ebel>  delcoyote: I'm not sure
Apr 20 21:38:50 *       ebel checks the ILUG list
Apr 20 21:40:37 <ompaul>        there is none on the 25th may
Apr 20 21:40:55 <ompaul>        you can call one for then but we found that people don't go out on the second last thursday of the month
Apr 20 21:41:14 <ompaul>        the first thursday of the month is deemed to be better
Apr 20 21:41:42 <ompaul>        ebel, I called it but anyone can call one at any time
Apr 20 21:42:06 <ompaul>        however I limit myself to calling one once a month
Apr 20 21:46:51 <ompaul>        delcoyote, it is one week to the day after the ubuntu launch
Apr 20 21:47:22 <delcoyote>     yep
Apr 20 21:47:45 <ompaul>        delcoyote, what you don't know is that two potds ago there was a serious debate about the night in question
Apr 20 21:47:47 <delcoyote>     no need to burn cd's there I supose?
Apr 20 21:48:00 <ebel>  We can burn some before, no? :)
Apr 20 21:48:04 <delcoyote>     serious? :D
Apr 20 21:48:06 <ompaul>        they all got themselves broadband or work for ISOs
Apr 20 21:48:10 <ompaul>        sorry
Apr 20 21:48:11 <ompaul>        ISPs
Apr 20 21:48:20 <ompaul>        most of these guys and gals run it or debian
Apr 20 21:48:42 <ebel>  yeah TBH everyone'd have it already.
Apr 20 21:48:43 <ompaul>        you can always carry a CD with you in case we seem interesting enough to the locals in the pub
Apr 20 21:48:46 <delcoyote>     well , I hope they dont slap ubuntu users XD

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