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'''Ubuntu Ireland IRC Meeting, will starting at 9pm, 1st march 2009''' Ubuntu Ireland's Monthly IRC meeting was held at 9pm WET on Sunday 1st March 2009 on the IRC Channel #ubuntu-ie on FreeNode

Ubuntu Ireland's Monthly IRC meeting was held at 9pm WET on Sunday 1st March 2009 on the IRC Channel #ubuntu-ie on FreeNode


There were 6 people at the IRC meeting

  • czajkowski
  • daxroc
  • ebel
  • Mean-Machine
  • slashtom
  • tdr1121


Feel free to add an agenda item, and don't forget to put your name next to it.

  • Agenda item


    Report on Bug Jam Day


    TOG - hackerspace for Dublin


    Jaunty Jackalope release


    LoCo Members Tasks

    mdanielski aka Mean Machine


Any Other Business


Mar 01 21:01:33 *       ebel rings the meeting bell to start the meeting
Mar 01 21:01:49 <ebel>  might give it a few mins for people to show up
Mar 01 21:02:03 <Mean-Machine>  sure, give it 5
Mar 01 21:02:14 <czajkowski>    present
Mar 01 21:02:26 <czajkowski>    saying it now in case conection dies
Mar 01 21:02:28 <ebel>  czajkowski: hold you horses there!
Mar 01 21:05:31 <czajkowski>    floppy connection
Mar 01 21:09:06 <Mean-Machine>  ebel, shall we start?
Mar 01 21:09:12 <ebel>  Yes, lets.
Mar 01 21:09:17 *       ebel re-rings the meeting bell
Mar 01 21:09:22 <czajkowski>    heh
Mar 01 21:09:27 *       ebel likes the meeting bell metaphor
Mar 01 21:09:31 <ebel>  Right.
Mar 01 21:09:42 <ebel>  Ubuntu Ireland Monthly IRC Meeting starting
Mar 01 21:09:52 <ebel>  Please type PRESENT so we know who's here
Mar 01 21:09:54 <ebel>  PRESENT
Mar 01 21:09:56 <Mean-Machine>  PRESENT
Mar 01 21:10:06 <ebel>  Just for the record the Wiki page for this meeting is here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2009-03-01
Mar 01 21:10:14 <czajkowski>    PRESENT
Mar 01 21:11:10 <Mean-Machine>  the usual suspects :P
Mar 01 21:11:15 <ebel>  :0
Mar 01 21:11:16 <ebel>  :)
Mar 01 21:11:16 <czajkowski>    aye:)
Mar 01 21:11:47 <czajkowski>    so...
Mar 01 21:11:51 <ebel>  OK, so there are a few issue on the agenda
Mar 01 21:12:02 <ebel>  1. "Report of Bug Jam day"
Mar 01 21:12:24 <Mean-Machine>  an official one hasn't been written
Mar 01 21:12:44 <ebel>  Well I used wanted to tell people about what we did.
Mar 01 21:13:04 <ebel>  Basically, I thought it was quite successful.
Mar 01 21:13:17 <ebel>  We had about 10 - 15 people turn up.
Mar 01 21:13:28 <ebel>  DIT were massivly helpful and it was an awesome venue.
Mar 01 21:13:33 <czajkowski>    yes it was. i think we could do more in future. it was a learning experience
Mar 01 21:14:01 <Mean-Machine>  yes and I think the official report should go on www.ubuntu-ie.org
Mar 01 21:14:17 <czajkowski>    *nods*
Mar 01 21:14:21 <Mean-Machine>  Its something we should be proud of
Mar 01 21:14:22 <ebel>  There were a few new faces and a few old hands.
Mar 01 21:14:31 <czajkowski>    very much so
Mar 01 21:14:41 <ebel>  People of all technical abilities were there, and people did all sorts of things
Mar 01 21:14:43 *       daxroc (n=daxroc@86-42-135-118-dynamic.b-ras1.bbh.dublin.eircom.net) has joined #ubuntu-ie
Mar 01 21:14:54 <ebel>  Hiya daxroc, you here for the IRC meeting?
Mar 01 21:14:56 <czajkowski>    if you like i could write something tomorrow evening if that helps?
Mar 01 21:15:14 <Mean-Machine>  czajkowski, of course it helps
Mar 01 21:15:25 <czajkowski>    ok
Mar 01 21:15:28 <daxroc>        yeah,sorry i am late
Mar 01 21:15:34 <czajkowski>    welcome
Mar 01 21:15:40 <ebel>  daxroc: not much late
Mar 01 21:15:41 <Mean-Machine>  daxroc, hiya
Mar 01 21:15:48 <ebel>  daxroc: no worries.
Mar 01 21:15:58 <ebel>  daxroc: we were just talking about the bug jam day.
Mar 01 21:15:58 <daxroc>        What's up peeps :P
Mar 01 21:16:16 <tdr1121>       PRESENT
Mar 01 21:16:18 <tdr1121>       it was a great day
Mar 01 21:16:26 <ebel>  czajkowski: yeah that could be cool. 
Mar 01 21:17:03 <ebel>  I don't think we had any hiccups on the day of the bug jam. The lack of wifi was annoying but cheers to czajkowski for providing a wifi router.
Mar 01 21:17:18 <ebel>  And of course launchpad was down most of the morning, but that couldn't be helped.
Mar 01 21:17:21 *       slashtom configured the thing ;)
Mar 01 21:18:25 <czajkowski>    i shall pen something tomorrow and send to you
Mar 01 21:18:26 <Mean-Machine>  action: czajkowski to write a gbj report for ubuntu-ie.org website by wendesday ???
Mar 01 21:18:29 <ebel>  I think the 5-a-day thing was a bit buggy and didn't track our contributions
Mar 01 21:18:51 <ebel>  Perhaps if that gets sorted out we can have an idea.
Mar 01 21:19:13 <czajkowski>    meanimaction. ok.ebel i thought stats had been rectified
Mar 01 21:19:28 <czajkowski>    sorry for lag folks
Mar 01 21:19:43 <Mean-Machine>  czajkowski, yes, they have been rectified
Mar 01 21:19:58 <ebel>  czajkowski: wiki page or something could be good. (Or if you want you can email it to me and I'll put a wiki page up :) )
Mar 01 21:20:10 <czajkowski>    yup thats what i thought
Mar 01 21:20:43 <Mean-Machine>  how about here -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/GlobalBugJam-February2009
Mar 01 21:21:02 <Mean-Machine>  and then put it up on the website when ready
Mar 01 21:21:09 <ebel>  Mean-Machine: sounds good :)
Mar 01 21:21:29 <czajkowski>    ok
Mar 01 21:21:40 <Mean-Machine>  :-]
Mar 01 21:21:58 <ebel>  There are some photos up
Mar 01 21:22:14 <ebel>  http://www.flickr.com/photos/mean-machine/tags/globalbugjamfebruary09/
Mar 01 21:23:08 <czajkowski>    yup
Mar 01 21:23:21 <ebel>  http://flickr.com/photos/rorymccann/tags/globalbugjamfebruary09/
Mar 01 21:23:37 <czajkowski>    i've some up on twitpic
Mar 01 21:23:44 <czajkowski>    from twitter
Mar 01 21:24:07 <ebel>  oooh cool
Mar 01 21:24:19 <Mean-Machine>  they should all be here -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GlobalBugJam/Stories
Mar 01 21:24:39 <Mean-Machine>  ebel, would you add yours?
Mar 01 21:24:45 <ebel>  Yeah, I figure we comine all this stuff together and submit something to this.
Mar 01 21:24:59 <czajkowski>    nods
Mar 01 21:25:24 *       ebel also needs to write a blog post about it aswell
Mar 01 21:26:15 <ebel>  So, we need to collect all that stuff together, photos, blog posts, write blog posts.
Mar 01 21:26:32 <czajkowski>    yes
Mar 01 21:26:53 <ebel>  Add it to the irishteam wiki page, and the ubuntu global stories page
Mar 01 21:27:00 <ebel>  and the ubuntu-ie website aswell
Mar 01 21:28:06 <Mean-Machine>  ubuntu-ie website should have an official report + links to pictures and the bugjam stories of all teams
Mar 01 21:28:17 <ebel>  Mean-Machine: yep
Mar 01 21:28:42 <Mean-Machine>  just wanted to clear that
Mar 01 21:29:44 <Mean-Machine>  anything else regarding bug jam report?
Mar 01 21:30:07 <czajkowski>    no?
Mar 01 21:30:08 <ebel>  Can't think of anything...
Mar 01 21:30:19 <ebel>  it would be cool if other people had any more photos...
Mar 01 21:30:42 <Mean-Machine>  bring your cameras next time ;-]
Mar 01 21:30:48 <ebel>  yeah. :)
Mar 01 21:30:55 <czajkowski>    dhall ask julie i think she have taken phot
Mar 01 21:31:26 <Mean-Machine>  whats next on the agenda?
Mar 01 21:31:43 <ebel>  2. TOG - a hackerspace for dublin
Mar 01 21:31:54 <Mean-Machine>  yay!
Mar 01 21:31:54 <ebel>  Basically I'd like to inform people here about tog
Mar 01 21:32:16 <daxroc>        ebel a l33t hackzor space eh
Mar 01 21:32:20 <ebel>  it's a separate project from ubuntu ireland, but i think people here might be interested
Mar 01 21:33:15 <ebel>  A hackerspace is basically a physical place, ie a workshop or room where people can do hacker things
Mar 01 21:33:43 <ebel>  So people there would be doing eletronics, robotics, programming, hacking, everything there
Mar 01 21:33:59 <Mean-Machine>  useful links -> http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/TOG | http://hackerspaces.org/ | http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackerspace
Mar 01 21:34:08 <ebel>  A hackerspace or hackspace (from Hacker and Space) is a real (as opposed to virtual) place where people with common interests, usually in science, technology, or digital or electronic art can meet, socialise and collaborate.
Mar 01 21:34:58 <ebel>  So 'tog' is the planned one for dublin
Mar 01 21:35:21 <ebel>  Hopefully it could be used for ubuntu ireland socialising and events.
Mar 01 21:35:37 <Mean-Machine>  indeed
Mar 01 21:35:54 <ebel>  If you're interested more, you should join the mailing list, linked to http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/TOG
Mar 01 21:36:13 <ebel>  There is another meeting in 2 weeks time.
Mar 01 21:36:15 *       tdr1121 has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
Mar 01 21:36:31 <daxroc>        ebel #tog too
Mar 01 21:36:49 <ebel>  daxroc: oh yeah, forgot about that. #tog on FreeNode
Mar 01 21:36:59 <Mean-Machine>  ;-]
Mar 01 21:38:03 *       daxroc is back
Mar 01 21:38:03 <czajkowski>    anything else on tog?
Mar 01 21:38:51 <ebel>  no?
Mar 01 21:39:00 <czajkowski>    ok
Mar 01 21:39:23 <ebel>  Next is 'Jaunty Jackalope release' suggested by tdr1121....
Mar 01 21:39:27 <ebel>  who has just left...
Mar 01 21:39:32 <Mean-Machine>  lol
Mar 01 21:39:35 <czajkowski>    heh
Mar 01 21:39:45 <ebel>  Maybe we'll move onto the next item and revisit it later
Mar 01 21:39:45 <czajkowski>    i assume he means a release party
Mar 01 21:39:46 <czajkowski>    '
Mar 01 21:40:11 <ebel>  I'd be a shame for someone to suggest something and then we talk about in in their absense....
Mar 01 21:40:26 <ebel>  So, LoCo Members Tasks suggested by Mean-Machine.
Mar 01 21:40:26 <czajkowski>    aye
Mar 01 21:40:30 <Mean-Machine>  I'd like to suggest a bit different type of release party than the last one
Mar 01 21:40:50 *       tdr1121 (n=top@86-42-125-26-dynamic.b-ras1.blp.dublin.eircom.net) has joined #ubuntu-ie
Mar 01 21:40:59 <Mean-Machine>  there he is... :D
Mar 01 21:41:00 <czajkowski>    tdr1121 wb
Mar 01 21:41:08 <ebel>  tdr1121: Ahoy!
Mar 01 21:41:22 <tdr1121>       yep my ssh went down
Mar 01 21:41:27 <ebel>  tdr1121: we were going to talk about 'Jaunty Jackalope release' :)
Mar 01 21:41:42 *       ebel passes the meeting bell over to tdr1121  :)
Mar 01 21:41:48 <tdr1121>       big party
Mar 01 21:42:08 <czajkowski>    where?
Mar 01 21:42:14 <tdr1121>       what sort of event would people be into
Mar 01 21:43:08 <Mean-Machine>  tdr1121, I'd like to have a short presentation on new features + hanging out and showing off installations, then drink/party
Mar 01 21:43:15 <czajkowski>    i liked what happened the last time folks had the new version and showed it off in pub. but what are other suggestions
Mar 01 21:43:41 <czajkowski>    mean-machine nice. where would we do this?
Mar 01 21:44:04 <Mean-Machine>  czajkowski, DIT offered their facilities, didn't they?
Mar 01 21:44:29 <czajkowski>    forbarcamp and a follow up bug day. could ask.
Mar 01 21:44:46 <czajkowski>    their funding has been cut back
Mar 01 21:45:04 <czajkowski>    so opening venues on a saturday or evenings costs it seems
Mar 01 21:45:05 <Mean-Machine>  I would also like to know what other people would like, so maybe the best idea would be to ask on the mailing list?
Mar 01 21:45:16 <ebel>  Well although it was *really* nice how they brought drinks, they don't need to do taht..
Mar 01 21:45:21 <czajkowski>    yeah good idea
Mar 01 21:45:31 <czajkowski>    ebel it was so nice of them
Mar 01 21:45:39 <Mean-Machine>  too nice
Mar 01 21:45:51 <czajkowski>    *nods*
Mar 01 21:46:19 <Mean-Machine>  there might be someone on the mailing list who can also organize a venue, we won't know if we don't ask
Mar 01 21:46:30 <czajkowski>    aye of course.
Mar 01 21:46:46 <Mean-Machine>  let's give it a week to decide what type of event we'd like to run
Mar 01 21:46:51 <ebel>  yeah, worth putting it out there
Mar 01 21:47:04 <czajkowski>    ebel did shine have free wifi?
Mar 01 21:47:06 <ebel>  of course then we have the problem of who'll do a demo.. :)
Mar 01 21:47:14 <ebel>  czajkowski: yes 
Mar 01 21:47:18 <czajkowski>    hmmm
Mar 01 21:47:23 <czajkowski>    possible option
Mar 01 21:47:30 <czajkowski>    we could
Mar 01 21:47:52 <czajkowski>    say we could use their pub for these kinda events as it has wifi
Mar 01 21:48:13 <czajkowski>    and seeing its changed owenrship might be an idea
Mar 01 21:48:16 <czajkowski>    its quiet and could use upstairs
Mar 01 21:48:21 <ebel>  ooooh, true that.
Mar 01 21:48:33 <Mean-Machine>  ebel, anyone/everyone coul do a presentation on their favourite new feature ;-]
Mar 01 21:48:38 <czajkowski>    and show off and talk about syff up there without looking for alternative venue?
Mar 01 21:48:48 <czajkowski>    just a thought
Mar 01 21:49:02 <ebel>  czajkowski:  good idea, but what about projectors?
Mar 01 21:49:14 <ebel>  i.e. how would people demo stuff?
Mar 01 21:49:17 <czajkowski>    well it would be more this is my laptop
Mar 01 21:49:24 <czajkowski>    see what i'm doing
Mar 01 21:50:03 <czajkowski>    crowd is never going to be massively maassive
Mar 01 21:50:33 <czajkowski>    and 10 folks looking at 1 laptop and talking about is doable
Mar 01 21:50:40 <czajkowski>    just an idea
Mar 01 21:50:48 <Mean-Machine>  I think we should discuss all the ideas on the mailing list, give it a week and then we'll know what kind of venue we should be looking for
Mar 01 21:50:51 <ebel>  hmmm, possible yeah
Mar 01 21:50:59 <czajkowski>    okie dokie
Mar 01 21:51:05 <ebel>  course I don't know what's new in jaunty so I wouldn't know what to demo..
Mar 01 21:51:10 <ebel>  that could be a problem.
Mar 01 21:51:26 <ebel>  Unless you upgrade early, you're not going to notice things until you upgrade.
Mar 01 21:51:32 <czajkowski>    waiting on my mini to install and play with it
Mar 01 21:51:41 <Mean-Machine>  ebel, we probably have some alpha testers on the mailing list ;-]
Mar 01 21:51:42 *       tdr1122 (n=top@86-42-90-6-dynamic.b-ras1.blp.dublin.eircom.net) has joined #ubuntu-ie
Mar 01 21:51:48 <ebel>  like when I upgraded to intrepid, I noticed they'd fix the sound in flast ting
Mar 01 21:52:27 <Mean-Machine>  I usually update when it goes beta
Mar 01 21:52:36 <daxroc>        eh pulse is still broke here ! :P
Mar 01 21:52:44 <czajkowski>    oh joy
Mar 01 21:53:47 <czajkowski>    bah only at kildare
Mar 01 21:54:13 <ebel>  well, OK, so we need to send an email to the list about ideas for a jaunty party
Mar 01 21:54:33 <ebel>  and if people would be interested in a show and tell idea and if so, ideas on where to hold it
Mar 01 21:54:58 <Mean-Machine>  tdr1121, since you suggested this agenda item, would you mind sending the email?
Mar 01 21:55:14 <tdr1122>       yep I will send out the email
Mar 01 21:55:24 <Mean-Machine>  tdr1121, cool
Mar 01 21:56:22 <ebel>  when is jaunty out>
Mar 01 21:56:23 <ebel>  ?
Mar 01 21:56:43 <daxroc>        locked in last thurs  no ?
Mar 01 21:56:51 <czajkowski>    april
Mar 01 21:57:05 <czajkowski>    may uds
Mar 01 21:57:09 <czajkowski>    oct koala
Mar 01 21:57:23 <Mean-Machine>  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseParties
Mar 01 21:58:55 <Mean-Machine>  Thursday 23rd April 2009
Mar 01 21:59:02 <ebel>  kewl
Mar 01 21:59:21 <ebel>  So regardless, we'll be having another IRC meeting about a month before it's outy
Mar 01 21:59:34 <czajkowski>    aye
Mar 01 21:59:36 <ebel>  So we can put the feelers out there now and see what we see.
Mar 01 21:59:51 <Mean-Machine>  sounds good
Mar 01 22:00:00 *       tdr1121 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
Mar 01 22:00:00 <tdr1122>       yep loads of time to get some thing together
Mar 01 22:00:44 <ebel>  OK, anything else on jaunty release party?
Mar 01 22:01:06 <czajkowski>    no
Mar 01 22:01:12 <tdr1122>       nope
Mar 01 22:02:02 <ebel>  OKies, next item. "LoCo Members Tasks " suggested by Mean-Machine 
Mar 01 22:02:14 *       ebel takes the meeting bell from tdr1122 and gives it to Mean-Machine :P
Mar 01 22:02:25 <Mean-Machine>  right, within every LoCo ther are specific tasks and responsibilities
Mar 01 22:03:06 <Mean-Machine>  here's just a few of them Monthly LoCo Reports, Chairing IRC Meetings, Mailing List Moderation, Wiki Maintenance etc.
Mar 01 22:04:03 <Mean-Machine>  In the near future I would like to see a number of these tasks delegated to either individuals or groups, so we can work as an efficient and well organized team
Mar 01 22:04:23 <ebel>  Basically, Mean-Machine has been doing it all by himself now and that's not really fair.
Mar 01 22:04:52 <ebel>  hence why I'm charing this meeting
Mar 01 22:05:06 <tdr1122>       would it make sense to make a full list of tasks , send them to the mail list asking for people to come forward to do them
Mar 01 22:05:23 <czajkowski>    well i said on last irc meeeting i'd update wiki. did i think.doing report this month. cant take anything new this month till after barcamp then i'd be in a position to help out more as i know tis not fair on mean-machine
Mar 01 22:05:26 <Mean-Machine>  here's a LoCo Team How To, so eeryone can see what type of tasks and responsibilities are required -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamHowto
Mar 01 22:06:27 <czajkowski>    td nice suggestion.
Mar 01 22:06:44 <Mean-Machine>  it's quite a read actually, loads of links
Mar 01 22:07:10 <Mean-Machine>  tdr1122, I should be able to do a list by next week
Mar 01 22:07:32 <czajkowski>    aye read it before, td has a point maybe others on mailist list who dont irc s much might help out
Mar 01 22:07:59 <ebel>  yeah, there's 15 people on channel, only what 4 or 5 active now? how many more on the list...
Mar 01 22:08:08 <tdr1122>       then the work load is not just on a few
Mar 01 22:08:16 <czajkowski>    nods
Mar 01 22:08:26 <ebel>  yep
Mar 01 22:09:07 <Mean-Machine>  89 subscribed to the mailing list
Mar 01 22:10:24 <Mean-Machine>  and 73 people are members on Launchpad
Mar 01 22:11:27 <Mean-Machine>  so my action will be to send a list of tasks to the mailing list and ask for volunteers
Mar 01 22:11:44 <czajkowski>    nods
Mar 01 22:11:47 <Mean-Machine>  this should be done by the end of next week
Mar 01 22:11:55 <tdr1122>       good good
Mar 01 22:12:10 <czajkowski>    okie dokie
Mar 01 22:12:12 <ebel>  cool
Mar 01 22:12:22 <ebel>  thanks Mean-Machine 
Mar 01 22:12:38 <ebel>  Any other comments on loco member tasks?
Mar 01 22:12:39 <Mean-Machine>  np
Mar 01 22:13:19 <Mean-Machine>  it'd be nice if people read this doc-> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamHowto
Mar 01 22:13:35 <tdr1122>       homework :(
Mar 01 22:13:42 <tdr1122>       :P
Mar 01 22:13:47 <Mean-Machine>  rofl
Mar 01 22:14:30 <ebel>  :P
Mar 01 22:14:38 <ebel>  So that's the end of the listed items on the agenda
Mar 01 22:14:46 <ebel>  Any other business?
Mar 01 22:15:00 <Mean-Machine>  no other business
Mar 01 22:15:26 <tdr1122>       a side note back t bug jams
Mar 01 22:15:43 <tdr1122>       should we try and do more of them ?
Mar 01 22:16:12 <czajkowski>    aye would be pretty cool
Mar 01 22:16:17 <czajkowski>    as for aob
Mar 01 22:16:19 <Mean-Machine>  tdr1122, yes I'd like to have 2 a year + gbj
Mar 01 22:16:24 <czajkowski>    1. ossbarcamp
Mar 01 22:16:35 <czajkowski>    everyone heres knows about it
Mar 01 22:16:37 <ebel>  tdr1122: yes I'd like to have more bug jams, that was great fun
Mar 01 22:16:46 <tdr1122>       its a good time for everyone to meet up , ie have a reason for it
Mar 01 22:16:52 <ebel>  czajkowski: feel free to talk about ossbarcamp if you'd like
Mar 01 22:16:52 <czajkowski>    but if you could at some point maybe do a blog post on it
Mar 01 22:17:19 <czajkowski>    well a lot of ubuntu talks
Mar 01 22:17:24 <czajkowski>    an all aspects of open source
Mar 01 22:17:49 <czajkowski>    just all slots are FULL
Mar 01 22:18:03 <czajkowski>    so now just need to let as many folks know about event
Mar 01 22:18:08 <Mean-Machine>  czajkowski, I will be blogging about ossbarcamp ;-]
Mar 01 22:18:25 <czajkowski>    any q's?
Mar 01 22:18:30 <czajkowski>    mean cheers
Mar 01 22:18:50 <czajkowski>    would folks like another mini bug jam organised?
Mar 01 22:19:02 <czajkowski>    i could look for room venue to use?
Mar 01 22:19:08 <Mean-Machine>  absolutely
Mar 01 22:19:15 <czajkowski>    before barcamp and before next release
Mar 01 22:19:24 <czajkowski>    right suggestions for a date?
Mar 01 22:19:40 *       tdr1122 would love to see some thing on every month 
Mar 01 22:19:47 *       ebel would also be up for a bug jam session
Mar 01 22:20:07 <czajkowski>    td ideally
Mar 01 22:20:19 *       daxroc wishes all .net apps would c-url  up and die :P 
Mar 01 22:20:21 <czajkowski>    just eed attendees :)
Mar 01 22:20:32 <czajkowski>    *need
Mar 01 22:20:48 <czajkowski>    ebel when are you in the coutry?
Mar 01 22:20:51 <Mean-Machine>  tdr1122, that will only work when TOG is up and running
Mar 01 22:20:55 <czajkowski>    between now and march
Mar 01 22:21:04 <slashtom>      ebel is away next weekend
Mar 01 22:21:15 <czajkowski>    as lets be honest one needs your help for a bit till folks get confident
Mar 01 22:21:16 <ebel>  yep
Mar 01 22:21:24 <ebel>  :)
Mar 01 22:21:35 <czajkowski>    following weekend?
Mar 01 22:21:37 <czajkowski>    ohhhhhhh
Mar 01 22:21:46 <czajkowski>    what are folks doing paddsy day?
Mar 01 22:21:49 <ebel>  Only away next weekend, I'm here following weekend
Mar 01 22:21:55 <czajkowski>    17th?
Mar 01 22:21:59 <Mean-Machine>  working ;-[
Mar 01 22:21:59 <daxroc>        Mean-Machine: might be worth while getting an idea on where everybody is based , might be better to roam around the country ?
Mar 01 22:22:03 <ebel>  17th is a tuesday...
Mar 01 22:22:07 <slashtom>      and i'm over the following two weekends
Mar 01 22:22:12 <czajkowski>    yes
Mar 01 22:22:22 <slashtom>      20/21 and 27/28
Mar 01 22:22:23 <czajkowski>    are folks working on paddsys day?
Mar 01 22:22:31 <ebel>  I'm here the weekend before that and slashtom is over here the weekend after
Mar 01 22:22:33 <czajkowski>    or else sat 1fth?
Mar 01 22:22:34 <Mean-Machine>  daxroc, a LoCo map is handy ;-] and available on launchpad
Mar 01 22:22:44 <czajkowski>    14th?
Mar 01 22:22:54 <czajkowski>    yes but our loco shows folks in oz:)
Mar 01 22:23:07 <Mean-Machine>  daxroc, https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ie
Mar 01 22:23:23 *       ebel is here the 14th.
Mar 01 22:23:33 <czajkowski>    FOLS WORKING PADDYS DAY?
Mar 01 22:23:39 <slashtom>      14th or 21st is grand
Mar 01 22:23:44 <Mean-Machine>  czajkowski, yes Im working
Mar 01 22:23:59 <czajkowski>    or shall i try for 14th so
Mar 01 22:24:05 <czajkowski>    right 14th so
Mar 01 22:24:23 <czajkowski>    even if its only 6 folks we could use my house
Mar 01 22:24:29 <czajkowski>    elese i'd go ask dit
Mar 01 22:25:00 *       ebel isn't sure if he's working paddy's day, probably not. It's a public holiday, right?
Mar 01 22:25:01 <tdr1122>       I would be up for the 14th
Mar 01 22:25:14 <czajkowski>    yup
Mar 01 22:25:29 <czajkowski>    right heuston. have to head.
Mar 01 22:25:34 <Mean-Machine>  14th should be ok
Mar 01 22:25:39 <czajkowski>    bbiab possibly
Mar 01 22:25:44 <Mean-Machine>  czajkowski, see ya
Mar 01 22:26:26 <Mean-Machine>  I have to go as well, talk to ye on mailing list and IRC during the week
Mar 01 22:26:27 <ebel>  czajkowski: bai!
Mar 01 22:26:56 <ebel>  Mean-Machine: see ya
Mar 01 22:26:58 <Mean-Machine>  ebel, is the meeting finished? I think we covered everything, right?
Mar 01 22:27:05 <ebel>  Mean-Machine: yep, that's it
Mar 01 22:27:13 *       ebel rings the meeting bell to end the meeting

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