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'''Ubuntu Ireland IRC Meeting, will starting at 9pm, 5th April 2009'''

ostponed to Wednesday, 15th April'''''
Ubuntu Ireland IRC Meeting, was due to be held at 9pm, 5th April 2009, but was postponed till 9pm Wednesday 15th April

Ubuntu Ireland IRC Meeting, was due to be held at 9pm, 5th April 2009, but was postponed till 9pm Wednesday 15th April


  • czajkowski
  • ebel
  • Mean-Machine
  • tdr1121
  • Shane_Fagan
  • delcoyote
  • theirishpenguin
  • sherkin
  • P2


Feel free to add an agenda item, and don't forget to put your name next to it.


Any Other Business


<tdr1121> we will give shane a few min to turn up
<Mean-Machine> ebel, are you still in charge or Shane?
<ebel> Oh, er, I dunno
<czajkowski> thought you were and it was only as you weren't around
* ebel is willing to chair the meeting
<Mean-Machine> ebel, cool
<ebel> Yeah that's why i needed someone else to chair it the other day.
<ebel> But, I'm here now! :)
<Mean-Machine> shall we?
* tdr1121 is here
<czajkowski> yup
<ebel> OKies, Ubuntu ireland meeting starting
<ebel> please say PRESENT if you're here..
<ebel> PRESENT
* Mean-Machine PRESENT
<tdr1121> PRESENT
<czajkowski> PRESENT
<ebel> No-one else?
<sherkin> Hi all, PRESENT
<Mean-Machine> sherkin, hiya
<ebel> hiya sherkin!
<tdr1121> yo
* ebel is a bit suprised shane's not here, I thought he said he was gonna come....
<ebel> Oh well.
<sherkin> it's a few days a wasn't around, but I don't forget you :)
<ebel> For the record the wiki page for this meeting is herehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2009-04-05
<ebel> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2009-04-05 more like
<Mean-Machine> theirishpenguin, yo!
<czajkowski> theirishpenguin: welcome
<czajkowski> my tweet worked :D
<ebel> Like all our meetings that's just a wikipage and everyone's welcome to just add stuff to it. there's a few items on the agenda
<theirishpenguin> Ha ha! Tweets are good!
<ebel> hiya theirishpenguin
<theirishpenguin> Hi ebel
<theirishpenguin> Lucky I just turned on tweetdeck!
<ebel> Hiya Shane_Fagan
<Shane_Fagan> Sorry guys belated present
<ebel> We were just starting the meeting
<Mean-Machine> Shane_Fagan, eveninkz
* ebel is chairing :P
<Shane_Fagan> Evening
* ebel is tempted to wait a moment or two to see if anyone else turns up, however I'm on battery
<czajkowski> lets go :)
<ebel> feck it. First item on agenda is ' Ubuntu Ireland Press Release Team '
<ebel> proposed my moi
<ebel> That was in relation to a post on the mailing list from Shane_Fagan about setting up a press release team for ubuntu-ie
<ebel> ( https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-ie/2009-March/000201.html )
<ebel> My opinion ( https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-ie/2009-March/000206.html ) is that I'm not sure we explicitly need a press release time
<ebel> *team
<ebel> HOWEVER, whatever you want to do, do.
<czajkowski> I don't think so either, maybe in time when the community is larger
<ebel> i.e. if you're interested, the go for it.
<ebel> By that's just my humble opinion
<Mean-Machine> correcto there was further discussion on the mailing list
<czajkowski> we can see by even these irc meeting we are small, even though at events more do turn up
<Shane_Fagan> I agree too when we get bigger it would be a good idea.
<P2> hi tdr1121
<czajkowski> Shane_Fagan: maybe in the mean time as you;ve expressed an interest
<czajkowski> an idea would be that if you see folks are organising events, approach them and maybe offer to do something up in the wiki/sites
<czajkowski> as a way of drumming up publicity
<Shane_Fagan> sure I would have no problem with that
<czajkowski> its not a team and others can help and edit
<ebel> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-ie/2009-March/000205.html Paul O'Malley has some giid advise here
<czajkowski> but that way it's a role for you and also helps Mean-Machine out as cant be leaving it all to him
<Mean-Machine> I think a good idea would be to work on a press release type thing on the wiki page, where everyone can contribute
<czajkowski> ompaul always has good advice
<ebel> Yeah, if it's something someone is interested in, then do it.
* ebel used to be reluctant to contribute to ubuntu / linux / floss, but realised that everyone's contribution is welcome,
<Shane_Fagan> So not so much a team as just having people who are interested to help Mean-Machine in the website and the wiki
<czajkowski> Shane_Fagan: maybe if folks offer .take in turns or work on an artcle for an event or post an event
<czajkowski> as a colaboration
<czajkowski> an example would be say post ossbarcamp or post jaunty release from the stance on ubuntu-ie
<ebel> Well depends what you mean by 'team'. ILUG has a committee and an AGM, Ubuntu-ie has none of that.
<Mean-Machine> have an idea? start doing it and let the others know
<ebel> even if it's just a bunch of people coaleascing around an idea and working on things, that can be a 'team'.
<czajkowski> nods
<czajkowski> anyone got anything else to say ?
<ebel> So basically Shane_Fagan ( or anyone ), if you want there to be a press team, then do it.
<ebel> No-one'll do it for you :P
<Shane_Fagan> Yep
<czajkowski> ebel: well I wouldnt say that I'd still prefer to not focus on a team as yet
<theirishpenguin> Possibly not quite falling under the category of press release but perhaps under publicity, I was thinking of setting up a site listing companies using FOSS...
<czajkowski> but if indivivuals want to help folks promote events then yes
<czajkowski> theirishpenguin: nice idea
<theirishpenguin> ... which would include companies using Ubuntu. Anyone heard of something similar in Ireland?
<ebel> czajkowski: well my point is that you can't order someone to do something. people will do what they are interested in. No-one interested in it...
<czajkowski> not heard of anything like that
<ebel> theirishpenguin: sounds like a good ida.
<Mean-Machine> theirishpenguin, someone asked me this question at ossbarcamp
<ebel> theirishpenguin: if you do it, let me know, I'll add what companies I know. :)
<czajkowski> ebel: oh I know, but using the word team on a community so small making it formalised might makes folks not want to step up as they may think they're "not goog enough"
<ebel> true
<sherkin> Maybe hands-on sessions for beginners could help much making ubuntu more popular
<sherkin> and press could come and see
<theirishpenguin> ebel: Sure. That would be great. I will prob try to knock something together in Ruby. Will drop a line when ready.
<czajkowski> sherkin: good idea, how would you suggest we do that, informaly or run tutorials ?
<czajkowski> theirishpenguin: score
<ebel> theirishpenguin: awesome. :)
* Shane_Fagan thinks tutorials would be good
<sherkin> physical meetings may be easier for beginners
<ebel> true. People on IRC are probably already converted ;) and real life has a more familiar classroom approach
<Mean-Machine> sherkin, + bug jams ;-]
<Shane_Fagan> Anyway next topic?
<Mean-Machine> a proper install fest
<sherkin> Install parties are periodically organised in Brittany, that why I suggest ..
<ebel> sherkin: yeah bug jams are good for that. Our last one was quite successful. :
<tdr1121> this is all good talking about it but will it get done , will people go ie normal people
<ebel> tdr1121: well there were some new faces at the bug jam.
<czajkowski> tdr1121: thats the bit that needs to be worked on imo
<tdr1121> we had a drop in place did many people go @ Mean-Machine
<sherkin> ebel: Sorry I couldn't be there, one next hopefully
<czajkowski> not many, a few
<tdr1121> if it is going to work you have to put more word out there
<Mean-Machine> tdr1121, myself ebel and czajkowski :P
<czajkowski> adn sean
<ebel> Yeah.
<ebel> :(
<Mean-Machine> yup
<czajkowski> tdr1121: finding a location is the issue
<ebel> Proper events are better IME
<czajkowski> also if you chose week days folks wont come and weekends ppl go away
<Mean-Machine> we learnt our lesson
<Shane_Fagan> I find it hard to get up to dublin
<Mean-Machine> czajkowski knows stuff about organizing events ;-]
<czajkowski> Mean-Machine: I have something up my sleeve
<czajkowski> I've to wait to aob
<czajkowski> ebel: next topic :p
<ebel> Yeah.
<ebel> OddJobs
<ebel> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/OddJobs wiki page of random small jobs that might be helpfupo
<Mean-Machine> ebel, I really like this idea a lot!
<ianto> Mean-Machine: Got your T-shirts yet? :)
<czajkowski> yes the comments spam is a massive issue
<Mean-Machine> ianto, I did
<ebel> i.e. sometimes there is little things that people can do.
<ianto> Mean-Machine: Cool aren't they? :D
<czajkowski> I cleared out 10 pages of them yesterday and there are over 50 there
<ebel> small things that you might buy someone a pint for.
<czajkowski> meaning we cannot turnn on comments on events and wile WE use irc not everyone does
<czajkowski> so to make folks interact via site comments need soe form of moderation or spamassim
<Shane_Fagan> Is there a spam control module in drupal?
<ebel> And to start the ball rolling, I ( ebel ) will buy a pint to the person who sets up some sort of spam control for the ubuntu-ie website
<ebel> Shane_Fagan: There probably is, but I haven't looked into it.
* Mean-Machine neither
<Shane_Fagan> Ill give it a go tomorrow then I think I saw something in the admin area of the site to handle spam
<czajkowski> cool
<czajkowski> thanks
<theirishpenguin> Spam control in Drupal http://drupal.org/node/206787
<czajkowski> so Shane_Fagan will look into spam issue and comments on our wiki
<theirishpenguin> You can never have enough modules :-)
<ebel> Cool. :D
<Mean-Machine> yay!
<Shane_Fagan> Ah I found it
<ebel> in general people should add things to that wiki page
<ebel> for little odd jobs.
<ebel> so if you wanna do something small for ubuntu-ie, then have a look there.
<czajkowski> we can send that around the mailing list also
<ebel> Yeah.
<czajkowski> and maybe Shane_Fagan do a post on it on the wiki/site to drum up some publicity on it and get folks interesteted
<Mean-Machine> czajkowski, it was ebel's idea ;-]
<czajkowski> eiher or
* ebel shurgs
<czajkowski> it was just Shane_Fagan who emntioned doin press work so mabye BOTH work on it
<ebel> The person who's interested and willing ....
<czajkowski> thats the idea
<Mean-Machine> yeah
* Shane_Fagan was looking at ubuntu-ie. What happened ?
<ebel> it's working for me...
<ebel> Anyways, next topic
<czajkowski> ebel: hows the battery?
<ebel> "IRC Tolerance / Code of Conduct " by czajkowski
<czajkowski> right bascially added this here
* Shane_Fagan ducks
<czajkowski> as recently we're had some very heated and not very friendly conversations in here
* ebel *does* have a plug somewhere, just trying to use the battery excuse to force the meeting to not drag on for ages
<czajkowski> it also relates to the next agenda item -women
<czajkowski> you'll notice I'm now the only female in here
<czajkowski> due to peoples recent comments one female member has felt it not pleasent to be in here
<czajkowski> I would liek to remind folks about the !coc
<ebel> !coc
<ubot2> The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/
<czajkowski> and to respect that people will have different opnions
<czajkowski> disussion of course is healthy but please know when to draw the line
<delcoyote> a trip to the george will change that atitude
<czajkowski> right
<sherkin> czajkowski: I'm here too, supporting your "Ubuntu Women" subject
<czajkowski> sherkin: thanks
<czajkowski> ok
<czajkowski> now about ubuntu -women
<ebel> See that's the problem with IRC, you can never know who someone is.
<czajkowski> the great thing about ubuntu is the diversity of its groups
<czajkowski> there is one there for everyone and we welcome everyone
<czajkowski> the thing is
<ebel> You don't know if someone's male/female black/white settled/traveller.
<ebel> So you should be careful who's around when you say something
<czajkowski> if you dont respect or agree with a certain group, you do not chastise that person for participating in a group
<czajkowski> ebel: exactly this is pixel land
<czajkowski> and sometimes yes we know each other
<czajkowski> but not everyone has the opportunity to meet one another
<ebel> (of course that's also a great benefit of online communication, mixed blessing and all that)
<czajkowski> indeed
<czajkowski> :)
<Mean-Machine> it's all about respecting another human being / ubuntu user
<ebel> The other thing is that IRC is very very very low bandwidth.
<czajkowski> if you find folks are being rude you can poke a opn on channel
<czajkowski> also you cna use the /ignore command
<czajkowski> Mean-Machine: exactly
<czajkowski> I'm done
<ebel> In real life you can turn away from someone or frown or something to communicate that you disappove.
<delcoyote> I've been online for years chatting and there are loads of missunderstandings, or feelings hurted for - reasons many
<delcoyote> I mean =
<ebel> But you can't really do that on irc.
<delcoyote> shouldnt be bothered by someones comments
<czajkowski> delcoyote: well yes and know
<czajkowski> delcoyote: a comment is one thing, but disrespecting someone opinion or reasons is anothter thing
<czajkowski> and we need to realse that after events we get more new people in here and their first impressions of in here can make them stay or leave
<delcoyote> true czajkowski , but those comments shouldnt affect this people, or just dont "pay" the game they want you to play
<Shane_Fagan> czajkowski: I didnt mean to seem like a trouble maker. I was defending -women in the first place because i think it is good to talk with people you relate to.
<delcoyote> but I do understand some are more hearted than others
<czajkowski> Shane_Fagan: you may have been defending , bu you also trolled.
<Shane_Fagan> I dont get what you mean
<czajkowski> knowong a converaion had happned when I was away and bringing it up when the other speaker was around and was keeping quiet
* ebel is glad ubuntu-ie isn't plagued by the immature trolls you can find online
<Mean-Machine> mr. chairman ?
<czajkowski> anyways I've said my piece
<ebel> right.
<czajkowski> just want folks to remember CoC and being polite on irc and resecting
<Mean-Machine> czajkowski, thank you for this
<Shane_Fagan> Ok noted I didnt mean bad
<czajkowski> Shane_Fagan: I know.
<Mean-Machine> it's an important thing
<ebel> next topic is from czajkowski again
<ebel> about ubuntu-womens
<Shane_Fagan> I think we just covered that
<ebel> *women
<czajkowski> ebel: covered that also above
<sherkin> question , is this channel logged everyday ?
<Shane_Fagan> next
<ebel> sherkin: yes.
<czajkowski> sherkin: yes
<Mean-Machine> sherkin, yes
<Mean-Machine> :D
<tdr1121> http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/
<sherkin> thanks :)
<ebel> sherkin: http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/2009/04/15/%23ubuntu-ie.html
<ebel> locobot_5 is logging us.
<ebel> czajkowski: really? I thought you'd like to expand more on -women,....
* ebel shrugs, Up to you
* Shane_Fagan has a party to get to, next please
<czajkowski> ebel: I just wanted it noteed about the groups and peple being in them
<ebel> OK so
<ebel> Mean-Machine: Jaunty Release Party
<Shane_Fagan> Yay
<delcoyote> i guess youall have it related jobs?
<delcoyote> IT*
<Mean-Machine> inf here> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/JauntyReleaseParty and here
<Mean-Machine> http://www.ubuntu-ie.org/node/25
<Mean-Machine> *info
<Mean-Machine> + we have professional ubuntu flyers from canonical
<Mean-Machine> 4 t-shirts
<Mean-Machine> very very cool tshirts akshuly
<Mean-Machine> and some ubuntu stickers
<ebel> oh?
<Shane_Fagan> Good im exited
<ebel> Raffle or prize maybe?
<Mean-Machine> ebel, I was thinking of a pub quiz
<Mean-Machine> ubuntu-related of course
<Mean-Machine> ;-]
<czajkowski> Mean-Machine: I added https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseParties here as jonno was talking abotu them today on the video cast
<Shane_Fagan> I dont know if I can stay up all day but ill try to appear for some part
<Shane_Fagan> I still need a sticker for my new computer
<Mean-Machine> czajkowski, cool.
<ebel> Mean-Machine: Good idea.
* tdr1121 wants some stickers
* Shane_Fagan wants stickers too
<Shane_Fagan> Next topic?
<ebel> Mean-Machine has the chair...
<Mean-Machine> anyone else wants to voluteer to burn jaunty cds on the day?
<delcoyote> which day?
<Mean-Machine> april 25th
<Mean-Machine> http://www.ubuntu-ie.org/node/25
<delcoyote> time? might be working till 4:30 pm
<Mean-Machine> delcoyote, we'll be in the pub from 3pm
<delcoyote> and czajkowski did DIT give you the space?
<czajkowski> delcoyote: space for??
<delcoyote> ahh ok Longstone, finally I will make it after 2 years
<czajkowski> delcoyote: not longstone, messers
<delcoyote> space for the chats?
<delcoyote> hub?
<czajkowski> delcoyote: bit lost sorry. what do you mean ?
<czajkowski> hub has nothing to do with me
* Mean-Machine finished
<czajkowski> I've one point AOB:
<czajkowski> so we're on irc
<delcoyote> i saw the video of the introduction and you named DIT
<czajkowski> and ubuntu-ie like many channels are on freenode
<czajkowski> freenode staffers are coming to visit and would love to have you all there at a Geeknic http://wiki.geeknic.org/index.php/Dublin_2009
<czajkowski> so I'm asking you all to come and to spread the word
<czajkowski> please
<czajkowski> final AOB: thanks to all those who came to OSSBARCAMP
* tdr1121 will be there
<czajkowski> I'm runnign a 2nd one
<czajkowski> :)
<Shane_Fagan> What about irish translations I though that topic was before aob?
<czajkowski> just finalising the date for it
<Shane_Fagan> *thought
<Mean-Machine> ebel, battery stil ok? :P
* ebel has plugged in.
<czajkowski> :)
<ebel> :0
<ebel> :)
<ebel> Right, next thing is the Irish translation of Ubunut
<ebel> Ubuntu is translatable into many many languages, irish being one
<ebel> However it's not fully done yet.
<delcoyote> mess maguire ok i like the beer
<ebel> At ossbarcam this was mentioned and people were interested.
<ebel> So I thought i'd spread the word that it is possible to translate ubuntu into irish.
<ebel> I wouldn't mind organising a 'translate day' or something
<ebel> try to get more differnt people involved.
<czajkowski> ebel: I'd be interested in learning how
* Shane_Fagan also cut across mean-machine to make my point about schools in ireland wanting to teach in irish
<czajkowski> ebel: if shown once I'd like to see if I could do it, my Irish isnt that great
<delcoyote> sorru czajkowski my question was what o were does DIT get involved?
<czajkowski> my goddaughter has offered to help me as she goes to school in Irish :)
<ebel> czajkowski: my irish is rubbish. :P
<czajkowski> delcoyote: dIT was the venue for ossbarcamp
<Mean-Machine> I could show how to use launchpad for translations, but no Irish
<delcoyote> I see ok
* ebel is also vaguely familar with launchpad transltaions
<Shane_Fagan> https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/jaunty/+lang/ga
<Shane_Fagan> Go here its fairly easy to do. I tried but my irish is crap too
<ebel> So would anyone be interested if we did a translation jam?
<czajkowski> ebel: yes
<Mean-Machine> ebel, I'd be there :D
<Shane_Fagan> ebel: I would be cool if we could get a school involved
<Shane_Fagan> *it not I
<ebel> Shane_Fagan: yeah it would.
<ebel> but i don't know any schools....
<ebel> maybe an email to various lists might get some organising going...
<Shane_Fagan> Id say pitch it to any school and see what they say
<czajkowski> I could ask the guy that comes to a lot of my events
<czajkowski> that works with secondary schools
<ebel> oh?
<czajkowski> and promotes FLOSS
<Shane_Fagan> I know the Principal's of 2 primary schools if that helps
<ebel> Shane_Fagan: yeah that does help.
<Shane_Fagan> In kildare though
<ebel> ah.
<ebel> Right well it looks like people would be interested.
* ebel takes note.
<ebel> Right. that's the end of the agenda
<Mean-Machine> one more AOB: I was saying that our wiki needs some refreshment so how about a new navigation? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/Toolbox/Wiki/Menu of course it's not finished but available to work on and to implement on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/
<ebel> czajkowski: has mentioned AOB and geeknic, so unless you want to expand on that...
<czajkowski> ebel: I copied in the link and spoke about it
<czajkowski> hoping folks sign up and come along
<Shane_Fagan> Nice
<czajkowski> and also there will be a 2nd Ossbarcamp
<czajkowski> late august early september
<czajkowski> I just need to firm date up
<Shane_Fagan> czajkowski: Ill speak about launchpad if you want
<tdr1121> will sfd be around the same time
<czajkowski> tdr1121: nope, sorry
<Mean-Machine> Software Freedom Day - Saturday 19 September 2009 do we want to run this event again?
<ebel> tdr1121: SFD is in septemper AFAIR
* Shane_Fagan hit 20000 in launchpad karma and then this morning they cut everyones and mine is back down to 7000
<ebel> Right any other items?
<Mean-Machine> Software Freedom Day can also be just an advocacy event. in town with baloons etc. :P
<theirishpenguin> Another OSSBarcamp sounds deadly. Ditto on the S/W Freedom day.
<ebel> Mean-Machine: do you mean we run it or czajkowski run it? :P
<czajkowski> Mean-Machine: it's up to you the talks were good.
<czajkowski> ebel: no I'd help but not run it
<czajkowski> same as I helped
<czajkowski> last year
<Mean-Machine> czajkowski, ossbarcamp would be too close
<Mean-Machine> IMHO
<czajkowski> I'm limited due to May UDS
<czajkowski> July GUADEC
<tdr1121> that's what I was thinking
<czajkowski> August really
<czajkowski> September SFD
<Shane_Fagan> Its not too bad if they are close
<czajkowski> October I know of another event and nov I'm busy
<czajkowski> so then January really
<Shane_Fagan> One event a month should be alright
<Mean-Machine> czajkowski, sounds very busy
<czajkowski> Shane_Fagan: not if you want a large audicen I had 150+ @ ossbarcamp and want to aim for the same
<czajkowski> Mean-Machine: tis
<Mean-Machine> we can discuss sfd at the release party ;-]
<czajkowski> nods
<Mean-Machine> ebel, wanna wrap it up or is there anything else?
<czajkowski> so who's gonna come to geeknic??
<Shane_Fagan> Cant
<ebel> yeah anything else?
<ebel> If not, that's the end of the meeting
<Shane_Fagan> seconded
<Mean-Machine> czajkowski, I hope I can. need to check
<theirishpenguin> czajkowski: will try to make the geeknic! Think I can.
<Mean-Machine> Ubuntu-ie IRC meeting finito

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