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The Ubuntu Ireland IRC meeting will be held at 9pm Irish time on Wednesday 15th July 2009, on #ubuntu-ie on FreeNode. Everyone is welcome to attend or add items to the agenda (below) for discussion by the ubuntu ireland community.




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The following topics were raised in the meeting

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Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-ie<br />
[15:03:54] &lt;tdr1121&gt; here<br />
[15:04:02] &lt;ebel&gt; Right, I think if you say something it'll record who's here<br />
[15:04:09] &lt;czajkowski&gt; PRESENT<br />

[15:04:09] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; here<br />
[15:04:18] * daxroc abuses MootBot with a bit of a large trout ! <br />
[15:04:23] &lt;ebel&gt; we're trying something new with this MootBot. It should make doing meeting easier, since it make logs and the like for us. :)<br />
[15:04:36] &lt;czajkowski&gt; Mean-Machine: *ping*<br />

[15:04:44] &lt;daithif&gt; here<br />
[15:05:01] &lt;Smokeyfish&gt; an seohere<br />
[15:05:53] &lt;ebel&gt; wewt<br />
[15:06:05] &lt;ebel&gt; For the record there's a wiki page for this meeting here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2009-07-15<br />

[15:06:23] &lt;czajkowski&gt; [https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2009-07-15]<br />
[15:06:28] &lt;ebel&gt; The usual way we do meetings is to create a wiki page which lists things people want to see talked about<br />
[15:06:37] &lt;czajkowski&gt; [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2009-07-15<br />
<a name='0'></a>
[15:06:39] &lt;ebel&gt; and everyone's welcome and free to add to it.<br />

[15:06:51] &lt;ebel&gt; Huzzah!, thanks czajkowski<br />
[15:07:02] &lt;czajkowski&gt; :)<br />
[15:07:02] &lt;ebel&gt; right we'll get started properly<br />
[15:07:10] &lt;ebel&gt; [topic] Update IrishTeam/Events wiki<br />

<a name='1'></a>
[15:07:18] * ebel hands the chair over to czajkowski <br />
[15:07:22] &lt;czajkowski&gt; Right I;ve added this for a few reasons<br />
[15:07:31] &lt;czajkowski&gt; so firstly how can we get mor activitiyy<br />
[15:07:48] &lt;czajkowski&gt; I thoight of Geeknic and we've a few turning up - yay and canonical will be over that day so we can meet folks<br />

[15:07:54] &lt;czajkowski&gt; but how else can we get folks<br />
[15:08:11] &lt;czajkowski&gt; would people be interested in a talk - once a month as well as or on the same day as tbe PotD ?<br />
[15:08:25] &lt;czajkowski&gt; not too technie but still something they're working on<br />
[15:08:33] &lt;ebel&gt; python ireland do that a lot<br />

[15:08:34] &lt;czajkowski&gt; plus gives folks a chance to practice giving talks<br />
[15:08:39] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ebel: exactly<br />
[15:08:40] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; people for the team or to switch to ubuntu?<br />
[15:08:41] &lt;ebel&gt; half their meet ups are talks, half are pubs<br />

[15:08:42] &lt;czajkowski&gt; thoughts /<br />
[15:09:03] &lt;tdr1121&gt; what area would these talks be in<br />
[15:09:14] &lt;czajkowski&gt; tdr1121: they could be anything, so topics from tog would be great<br />
[15:09:26] &lt;czajkowski&gt; could be an idiots guide to cut n paste using gimp!<br />

[15:09:38] &lt;czajkowski&gt; I just think we could get more participation<br />
[15:09:45] &lt;stronger&gt; czajkowski: cool!<br />
[15:09:46] &lt;ebel&gt; ILUG has regular potds, but i don't think they do talks a lot..<br />
[15:09:56] &lt;czajkowski&gt; just becasue e've become a recognised loco doesnt mean we drop the ball<br />

[15:10:01] &lt;ebel&gt; so perhaps there is a need...<br />
[15:10:11] &lt;czajkowski&gt; so how about we give a small 20 min talk before potD<br />
[15:10:17] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; Talks sounds good<br />
[15:10:18] &lt;czajkowski&gt; so we start our potd @ 6:30 ?<br />

[15:10:25] &lt;czajkowski&gt; you can demo on laptop<br />
[15:10:34] &lt;czajkowski&gt; or just give a 20 mins presention<br />
[15:10:36] &lt;ebel&gt; python ireland have talks in one nonpub venue and then go to the pub<br />
[15:10:47] &lt;ebel&gt; talks in a pub wouldn't really work IMO..<br />

[15:10:51] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ebel: aye but where would we go ?<br />
[15:10:58] &lt;ebel&gt; hmmm<br />
[15:11:02] &lt;ebel&gt; dunno<br />
[15:11:28] &lt;tdr1121&gt; it would be hard to get a room every 4 weeks<br />

[15:11:31] &lt;czajkowski&gt; yes<br />
[15:11:42] &lt;czajkowski&gt; and the pub is generally quieter around then<br />
[15:11:53] &lt;czajkowski&gt; possibly during the academic year we could ask in tcd<br />
[15:12:02] &lt;czajkowski&gt; again these are my random sleepless nights thoughts<br />

[15:12:17] &lt;tdr1121&gt; the best thing to do would be to give it a go a few things and see how it turns out<br />
[15:12:17] &lt;ebel&gt; perhaps pub for a start<br />
[15:12:23] &lt;czajkowski&gt; yup<br />
[15:12:28] &lt;tdr1121&gt; *times<br />

[15:12:52] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; Would thay always have to take place in the same area? Members could scout out a place in a nearvy city/big  town and a place to go afterwards?<br />
[15:12:57] &lt;czajkowski&gt; so how about this August potd  we start : 6:15 and give a short talk, I'll happily do a 10 min talk on the loco and ideas for it<br />
[15:12:58] &lt;stronger&gt; isn't 6:30 early enough to ask pub owner for 20 mins without/with quiet music in the background<br />
[15:13:16] &lt;Smokeyfish&gt; the ossbar camp takes place in DIT; would that be a possible venue?<br />

[15:13:17] &lt;czajkowski&gt; stronger: not where we are in longstone we get the area cut off and have music off<br />
[15:13:33] &lt;czajkowski&gt; Smokeyfish: again during the year its fine just not during the summer<br />
[15:14:20] &lt;czajkowski&gt; [idea] talks at potd short 15 mins can be on anything you want<br />
<a name='2'></a>
[15:14:48] &lt;czajkowski&gt; folks to use MootBot here  use the commands at the top ebel posted so for an idea do [ idea ]  stuff<br />

[15:14:49] &lt;ebel&gt; good idea<br />
[15:15:03] &lt;czajkowski&gt; [vote]<br />
[15:15:11] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ebel: can you use vote please<br />
[15:15:35] &lt;ebel&gt; [vote] should we have talks before a potd<br />

<a name='3'></a>
[15:15:37] &lt;ebel&gt; +1<br />
[15:15:46] &lt;czajkowski&gt; +1<br />
[15:15:49] &lt;daithif&gt; +1<br />
[15:15:49] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; +1<br />

[15:15:54] &lt;stronger&gt; +1<br />
[15:15:55] &lt;tdr1121&gt; +1<br />
[15:16:00] &lt;daxroc&gt; +1<br />
[15:16:01] &lt;ebel&gt; So do a +1 if you agree with the proposal, a -1 if you disagree, and a 0 if you don't care<br />

[15:16:01] &lt;Smokeyfish&gt; +1<br />
[15:16:37] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ok<br />
[15:16:54] &lt;ebel&gt; #endvote<br />
[15:16:59] &lt;ebel&gt; [endvote]<br />

<a name='4'></a>
[15:17:03] &lt;ebel&gt; huzzah<br />
[15:17:17] * czajkowski is liking MootBot <br />
[15:17:23] &lt;ebel&gt; Yes.<br />
[15:17:31] &lt;ebel&gt; [action] we'll have talks before potd<br />

<a name='5'></a>
[15:17:32] &lt;tdr1121&gt; its a cool bot<br />
[15:17:37] &lt;ebel&gt; now, who wants to go first?<br />
[15:17:45] &lt;ebel&gt; With the talks that is?<br />
[15:17:48] &lt;czajkowski&gt; I'll do a small one on Ubuntu Loco<br />

[15:18:04] &lt;czajkowski&gt; maybe tog folks would liek to show us what they are working on ?<br />
[15:18:06] &lt;ebel&gt; [agreed] czajkowski will do a talk on locos<br />
<a name='6'></a>
[15:18:34] &lt;daithif&gt; sorry whats tog?<br />
[15:18:49] &lt;czajkowski&gt; daithif: tog is a cool new venture taking place in Dublin, hackerspace<br />

[15:19:00] &lt;daithif&gt; czajkowski: thanks<br />
[15:19:14] &lt;ebel&gt; [link] http://www.tog.ie<br />
<a name='7'></a>
[15:19:16] &lt;tdr1121&gt; #tog on freenode<br />
[15:19:24] &lt;ebel&gt; It's a hackerspace,.<br />

[15:19:30] &lt;czajkowski&gt; daithif: and a lotta folks in here ar members and they work on cool projects<br />
[15:19:44] &lt;ebel&gt; One can join a channel like this and chat to like minded folks. A hackerspace is a physical place you can do that<br />
[15:19:50] &lt;ebel&gt; we have a space down on the quays<br />
[15:20:15] &lt;ebel&gt; [topic]  IRC plugin on the wiki and .org site<br />

<a name='8'></a>
[15:20:22] &lt;ebel&gt; next up from czajkowski again<br />
[15:20:35] &lt;czajkowski&gt; right<br />
[15:20:51] &lt;czajkowski&gt; well again basically to get more people online and in here discussing or if they are looking for help<br />
[15:21:04] &lt;czajkowski&gt; I see lots of other Locos have a plugin on their site that brings them directly to their Loco channel<br />

[15:21:11] &lt;czajkowski&gt; meaning they dont have to set up ssh and get terminals<br />
[15:21:24] &lt;ebel&gt; or set up xchat<br />
[15:21:28] &lt;czajkowski&gt; idealy you're aiming at newbies or folks behind firewalls<br />
[15:21:32] &lt;daxroc&gt; like guest01234<br />

[15:21:43] &lt;czajkowski&gt; so I'm looking for someone to set this up on the ubuntu-ie.org site<br />
[15:21:49] &lt;czajkowski&gt; daithif: exactly<br />
[15:22:20] &lt;czajkowski&gt; so ...<br />
[15:22:20] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; My friend over at http://www.phyrik.com has a rather nice web IRC interface<br />

[15:22:21] &lt;czajkowski&gt; anyone?<br />
[15:22:46] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; sorry, wifi going crazy here...<br />
[15:22:52] &lt;czajkowski&gt; [link] http://www.phyrik.com/<br />
<a name='9'></a>
[15:22:57] &lt;ebel&gt; well there's a freenode one<br />

[15:22:59] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; I have a lot of free time, I could do it<br />
[15:23:00] &lt;Smokeyfish&gt; it would have to be a server side client then, to avoid firewalls?<br />
[15:23:05] &lt;ebel&gt; [link<br />
[15:23:07] &lt;ebel&gt; [link<br />

[15:23:10] &lt;ebel&gt; [link] http://webchat.freenode.net/<br />
<a name='10'></a>
[15:23:25] &lt;czajkowski&gt; so we could add the freenode one to our site and make it easier for folks to come in here<br />
[15:23:33] &lt;czajkowski&gt; I'm wondering would someone like to make that happen<br />
[15:23:37] &lt;ebel&gt; And FreeNode have blocked the popular web irc client<br />

[15:24:33] &lt;Smokeyfish&gt; a web client could be a possible source of abuse if it masks the source of the user<br />
[15:25:16] &lt;ebel&gt; Smokeyfish: it was popular with trolls...<br />
[15:25:17] &lt;daxroc&gt; are our memberships not open_ids / verify that way<br />
[15:25:19] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ebel: for good reason and we're working on that f<br />

[15:25:31] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; Things are usually so quiet in here though that it's likely they wouldn't get much buzz<br />
[15:25:43] &lt;ebel&gt; but mibbit *did* show IP address.<br />
[15:25:48] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; Nobody in here is stupid enough to humour a troll<br />
[15:25:51] * ebel is not to worried about trolls.<br />

[15:25:56] &lt;czajkowski&gt; johnnycbad: so would you like to intergrade the freenode one into our site please?<br />
[15:26:21] &lt;stronger&gt; why not just sending a text to fellow newbies asking them to join irc meeting? i'm sure everyone of us can afford to send 2 or 3 txts<br />
[15:26:45] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; czajkowski, no problem, I'd be happy to do it, should have it done tomorrow evening at the latest, assuming I don't have any problems<br />
[15:26:47] &lt;czajkowski&gt; stronger: it's not just irc meeting, it's in general<br />

[15:26:52] &lt;czajkowski&gt; johnnycbad: lovely<br />
[15:27:00] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ebel: shall work his action magic so<br />
[15:27:06] &lt;ebel&gt; This channel is good for community<br />
[15:27:15] &lt;ebel&gt; and for chatting and hanging out<br />

[15:27:22] &lt;czajkowski&gt; yup<br />
[15:27:28] &lt;czajkowski&gt; and bike talk<br />
[15:27:36] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; and for getting help whn things go pear shaped!<br />
[15:27:41] &lt;ebel&gt; [agreed] johnnycbad will look at putting a link / widget / thingie-ma-bob on the ubuntu website for ajax irc chat<br />

<a name='11'></a>
[15:28:34] &lt;ebel&gt; roight<br />
[15:28:40] &lt;ebel&gt; [topic]  Events, talks for the LoCo<br />
<a name='12'></a>
[15:28:53] &lt;czajkowski&gt; well we kinda covered that in the 1st one really<br />

[15:28:55] &lt;ebel&gt; this sounds familar, czajkowski did you add basically the same thing twice?<br />
[15:28:57] &lt;czajkowski&gt; so I think thats done<br />
[15:29:13] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ebel: aye it would see that way<br />
[15:29:20] &lt;ebel&gt; right<br />

[15:29:26] &lt;ebel&gt; [topic] UbuntuGlobalJam<br />
<a name='13'></a>
[15:29:30] &lt;czajkowski&gt; Right<br />
[15:29:38] &lt;ebel&gt; [link<br />
[15:29:43] &lt;ebel&gt; [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam<br />

<a name='14'></a>
[15:29:48] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; Just like to add, I'll probably need ftp details etc.<br />
[15:29:49] &lt;czajkowski&gt; so this year instead of a Global bug jam it;s a jam for all sorts<br />
[15:29:50] &lt;ebel&gt; The ] is right beside enter key :P<br />
[15:30:00] &lt;delcoyote&gt; ping back czajkowski<br />

[15:30:10] &lt;delcoyote&gt; 1 smoke ill be back, visitors<br />
[15:30:13] * johnnycbad loves ], so much better than )<br />
[15:30:20] &lt;ebel&gt; johnnycbad: for the website? Well it's a drupal install<br />
[15:30:23] &lt;czajkowski&gt; we've signed up to participate<br />

[15:30:37] &lt;stronger&gt; johnnycbad: you clearly hate lisp ;-)<br />
[15:30:38] &lt;czajkowski&gt; and as an example here is the UK one [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/GlobalJam09<br />
[15:30:41] &lt;ebel&gt; johnnycbad: we don't have a lot of low level access.<br />
[15:30:47] &lt;czajkowski&gt; [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/GlobalJam09<br />

<a name='15'></a>
[15:31:20] &lt;ebel&gt; We did a bug jam before<br />
[15:31:21] &lt;czajkowski&gt; so we also need to set one up for the Irish Team, I can arrange to book DIT for Saturday and Sunday but we'll need to have an idea what we are gonna cover<br />
[15:31:23] &lt;ebel&gt; it was great :)<br />
[15:31:23] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; btw, I think tomorrow is Ubuntu Hug Day, isn't it?<br />

[15:31:54] * czajkowski wont be here for Global Jam day so would like to have it set up and people know what they are doing before then <br />
[15:32:01] &lt;czajkowski&gt; so we can get more people involved this time<br />
[15:32:18] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ideally shane_fagan would be here to tell us his plans for translations<br />
[15:32:24] &lt;czajkowski&gt; so thoughts ?<br />

[15:32:34] &lt;czajkowski&gt; for those who didnt make global bug jam day last year<br />
[15:32:34] &lt;tdr1121&gt; I think two days is a bit much<br />
[15:32:34] &lt;ebel&gt; we should do it<br />
[15:32:38] &lt;ebel&gt; deginily<br />

[15:32:45] &lt;ebel&gt; I'm willing to help out with bugs and teaching<br />
[15:32:52] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ebel: gave a demo on how to log bugs and triage them<br />
[15:33:04] &lt;czajkowski&gt; maybe we could on on e of the talk potds give some examples?<br />
[15:33:15] &lt;czajkowski&gt; tdr1121: maybe, but lotta places doing it for the 3 days<br />

[15:33:33] &lt;czajkowski&gt; tdr1121: also allows for folks who can come one day and not the other?<br />
[15:33:59] &lt;ebel&gt; we could have different things on different days<br />
[15:34:00] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; I'm v. v. broke at the moment but would love to come for the experience<br />
[15:34:07] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ebel: ohh good idea<br />

[15:34:13] &lt;ebel&gt; day #1 bugs and testing, day #2 docs and translatipons<br />
[15:34:19] &lt;czajkowski&gt; johnnycbad: tis ages away, loads of time to work things out<br />
[15:34:22] * stronger have spare laptop for testing karmic, would love to learn more on good bug reporting/triaging practices<br />
[15:34:23] &lt;ebel&gt; that's quite a code vs non code split<br />

[15:34:27] &lt;czajkowski&gt; johnnycbad: or you can hold a bug day in your college<br />
[15:34:30] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; ebel, that sounds cool<br />
[15:34:48] &lt;ebel&gt; so if one is interested in one thing one could come to one day<br />
[15:34:49] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; czajkowski, good idea<br />

[15:35:12] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ok so what we need is a wiki done up and we can add to it I've added the UK one as an example as it ha multiple locations<br />
[15:35:18] &lt;czajkowski&gt; and if folks cannot make Dublin that's fine<br />
[15:35:29] &lt;czajkowski&gt; johnnycbad: you could and others run one in your area<br />
[15:35:37] &lt;czajkowski&gt; just keep the details on the wiki<br />

[15:35:44] &lt;daxroc&gt; Can I suggest / volunteer for a redesign of the site to incorperate czajkowski irc plugin and a more streamlined user expierence ?  ( not that anyting is wrong with the current one)<br />
[15:35:47] &lt;czajkowski&gt; so anyone volunteer to do a wiki, someone new<br />
[15:36:05] &lt;czajkowski&gt; daxroc: are you volunteering ?<br />
[15:36:07] &lt;czajkowski&gt; :)<br />

[15:36:44] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; czajkowski, I'd have to have a scout around, not a big ubuntu userbase round where I live :)<br />
[15:36:44] &lt;czajkowski&gt; stronger: fancy doing a wiki page......<br />
[15:36:56] &lt;ebel&gt; daxroc: the ubuntu-ie site? Sure.<br />
[15:37:01] &lt;czajkowski&gt; johnnycbad: well we can play it by ear..<br />

[15:37:14] &lt;ebel&gt; johnnycbad: you never know.. you might be able to get people to come to find out about it...<br />
[15:37:14] &lt;daxroc&gt; ebel: yeah needs some loving<br />
[15:37:42] &lt;daithif&gt; czajkowski: i'll do the wiki page<br />
[15:37:47] &lt;daxroc&gt; ebel: you know whats behind it ( php ? python )<br />

[15:37:48] &lt;czajkowski&gt; daithif: great!<br />
[15:37:58] &lt;stronger&gt; czajkowski: wiki page - sure, just need more info<br />
[15:38:00] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ebel: see daithif vlunteer<br />
[15:38:05] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ok<br />

[15:38:13] &lt;ebel&gt; daxroc: the current site is drupal.<br />
[15:38:18] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; ebel, next time I'm doing a system reinstall for someone I'll just accidentally throw on jaunty jackolope instead :)<br />
[15:38:24] &lt;czajkowski&gt; stronger: and daithif can ye work together to get the wiki up maybe links to stuff to helpe people get an idea<br />
[15:38:38] &lt;ebel&gt; johnnycbad: tell them it's an upgrade that doesn't get viruses.<br />

[15:38:52] &lt;daithif&gt; czajkowski: yup<br />
[15:39:00] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; ebel, I wouldn't be lying anyways<br />
[15:39:10] &lt;delcoyote&gt; czajkowski, wassup?<br />
[15:39:17] &lt;czajkowski&gt; delcoyote: thanks for coming :p<br />

[15:39:26] &lt;delcoyote&gt; sorry im half busy<br />
[15:39:36] &lt;ebel&gt; right [agreed] daxroc will look at sprucing up the ubuntu-ie webpage<br />
[15:39:40] &lt;czajkowski&gt; [action] daithif & stronger to work on Ubuntu Global Jam wiki<br />
[15:39:40] &lt;ebel&gt; [agreed] daxroc will look at sprucing up the ubuntu-ie webpage<br />

<a name='16'></a>
[15:40:02] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; does daxroc have admin rights on ubuntu-ie.org?<br />
[15:40:17] &lt;ebel&gt; nah,. i'll set him up<br />
[15:40:27] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; ebel, cheers<br />
[15:40:35] &lt;ebel&gt; daxroc: poke me later.<br />

[15:40:37] &lt;czajkowski&gt; [action] ebel to sort daxroc admin rights on ubuntu-ie.org<br />
[15:40:38] &lt;stronger&gt; czajkowski: just mind it will be my first wiki edit on u-ie<br />
[15:40:50] &lt;ebel&gt; [action] daithif & stronger to work on Ubuntu Global Jam wiki<br />
<a name='17'></a>

[15:40:52] &lt;czajkowski&gt; stronger: trust me, it'll be fune :)<br />
[15:40:54] &lt;daxroc&gt; ebel: no prob<br />
[15:40:56] &lt;ebel&gt; [action] ebel to sort daxroc admin rights on ubuntu-ie.org<br />
<a name='18'></a>
[15:41:14] * delcoyote listening<br />

[15:41:19] &lt;daxroc&gt; I should have a good bit of free time over the next two weeks<br />
[15:41:22] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; what's the /command to open up a privite chat channel with someone?<br />
[15:41:29] &lt;czajkowski&gt; johnnycbad:  /msg nick<br />
[15:41:44] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; czajkowski, /facepalm thanks<br />

[15:42:15] &lt;ebel&gt; right back to the global jam....<br />
[15:42:19] &lt;ebel&gt; any more ideas?<br />
[15:42:43] &lt;czajkowski&gt; well do folks like the idea of DIT again ?<br />
[15:42:50] &lt;Smokeyfish&gt; johnnycbad: possibly /query to open a more permanent query window with someone<br />

[15:43:00] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; DIT worked out great the last time<br />
[15:43:07] &lt;tdr1121&gt; dit is a nice venue<br />
[15:43:26] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; + one prof is pro-ubuntu ;-]<br />
[15:43:29] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ok so I should sort venue out again for the event<br />

[15:43:36] &lt;czajkowski&gt; Mean-Machine: aye<br />
[15:43:38] &lt;daithif&gt; i like idea of bug triaging talk at a potd in advance of the jam<br />
[15:43:45] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; get dit students to attend as well<br />
[15:44:16] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; czajkowski, what's the bugjam date?<br />

[15:44:24] &lt;slashtom&gt; can we have access to the room in advance, sort out some chairs and desk space?<br />
[15:44:32] &lt;Smokeyfish&gt; I think some of the lecturers in DIT would be willing to notify students<br />
[15:44:33] &lt;slashtom&gt; last time there was a lack<br />
[15:44:35] &lt;czajkowski&gt; 2-4th oct<br />

[15:44:36] &lt;daithif&gt; Mean-Machine: 2nd-4th oct<br />
[15:44:47] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; thanks<br />
[15:44:54] &lt;czajkowski&gt; slashtom: yes good idea<br />
[15:45:01] &lt;czajkowski&gt; slashtom: shall arrange that<br />

[15:45:21] &lt;slashtom&gt; great, and i will try and get ebel up in time<br />
[15:45:24] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; we'll promote the jam aggressively at ossbarcamp then<br />
[15:45:40] &lt;ebel&gt; :)<br />
[15:45:44] &lt;ebel&gt; yes.<br />

[15:45:51] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ok I think we have some ideas and we can address the rest at the next meeting and I'll have feedback from DIT<br />
[15:46:22] &lt;slashtom&gt; czajkowski: are you getting people to register for this one too?<br />
[15:46:35] &lt;czajkowski&gt; slashtom: for the jam?<br />
[15:46:44] &lt;czajkowski&gt; yes I think it's a good idea to do so.<br />

[15:46:54] &lt;ebel&gt; yep<br />
[15:47:06] &lt;czajkowski&gt; I *think* shane)fagan has sorted out the spam issue on the site so folks can sign up<br />
[15:47:52] &lt;czajkowski&gt; last topic before AOb is not mine :D<br />
[15:48:50] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; MootBot, please<br />

[15:49:19] &lt;czajkowski&gt; did we lose an ebel<br />
[15:49:31] &lt;ebel&gt; ahoyu!<br />
[15:49:52] &lt;ebel&gt; [topic]  Ubuntu promotion at OSSBarCamp<br />
<a name='19'></a>
[15:49:56] &lt;ebel&gt; from Mean-Machine<br />

[15:49:59] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; right so. I just wanted to start the discussion on how should we promote k/x/ubuntu at ossbarcamp...<br />
[15:50:07] &lt;ebel&gt; who, thank god, has arrived :)<br />
[15:50:28] &lt;czajkowski&gt; [link] http://www.ossbarcamp.com/<br />
<a name='20'></a>
[15:50:33] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; ebel, netz probs<br />

[15:50:51] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; not only at ossbarcamp but any future events<br />
[15:50:59] &lt;stronger&gt; do we care about buzz/publicity? we could have a crm-like database of people worth notifying before the event<br />
[15:51:00] &lt;Smokeyfish&gt; Is the distribution of live/install discs common practise?<br />
[15:51:15] &lt;czajkowski&gt; Mean-Machine: well I'd love to see some talks, and ideally an ubuntu-ie LoCo stand where we can give folks advice or answer questions<br />

[15:51:16] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; Smokeyfish, if not a great idea<br />
[15:51:16] &lt;tdr1121&gt; there are a few ways , a talk , demo , cd's<br />
[15:51:18] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; we can get marketing materials from canonical<br />
[15:51:23] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; but what else?<br />

[15:51:54] &lt;czajkowski&gt; at self there they used stand - so folks can stop by and ask questions<br />
[15:51:57] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; czajkowski, ubuntu-ie stand would be great<br />
[15:52:12] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ok so I think I can allow us to have a stand there ;)<br />
[15:52:16] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; I saw a awesome page on the web recently, which listed windows programs for every job, and the linux alternatives<br />

[15:52:40] &lt;czajkowski&gt; johnnycbad: you can tell us after meeting ok :) thanks<br />
[15:52:41] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; make a nice tidy printout and you can show people they're losing nothing by making the switch<br />
[15:52:42] &lt;delcoyote&gt; dit<br />
[15:52:51] &lt;czajkowski&gt; johnnycbad: a nice idea<br />

[15:52:52] &lt;delcoyote&gt; students are out till spetember<br />
[15:53:04] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; czajkowski, let me finish in future :P<br />
[15:53:05] &lt;czajkowski&gt; we can have them printed with our loco badge<br />
[15:53:06] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; would be great to have a ubuntu machine there for folks to try out as well<br />

[15:53:11] &lt;ebel&gt; leaflets are a good ide<br />
[15:53:36] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; ebel, we can now get this, as we are an aproved LoCo<br />
[15:53:48] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; Pack A for Approved Loco Teams contain:<br />
[15:53:48] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt;     * 4 t-shirts<br />

[15:53:48] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt;     * 25 Ubuntu sticker sheets<br />
[15:53:48] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt;     * 50 leaflets<br />
[15:53:48] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt;     * 2 branded caps<br />
[15:53:49] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt;     * Box of 50 pens<br />

[15:53:51] &lt;czajkowski&gt; I was wondering if folks would like to chip in and get a banner done up with Ubuntu-ie LoCo on it<br />
[15:54:09] &lt;czajkowski&gt; might cost us 15-20 each and I'll see if I can get it sponsored so we can bring it to events?<br />
[15:54:25] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; czajkowski, that was my next idea<br />
[15:54:27] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; :P<br />

[15:54:31] &lt;czajkowski&gt; great minds :)<br />
[15:54:35] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; ubuntu-br have a great banner<br />
[15:54:51] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; I'm very broke but would chip in a tenner, student discount :)<br />
[15:54:57] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; doesn't have to be big<br />

[15:55:02] &lt;czajkowski&gt; johnnycbad: thats really cool of you<br />
[15:55:11] &lt;czajkowski&gt; but I've no idea where to get this done<br />
[15:55:17] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; johnnycbad, the more appreciated<br />
[15:55:18] &lt;daxroc&gt; czajkowski: a mandatory full attendance potD with price of first pint towards banner ?<br />

[15:55:29] &lt;daithif&gt; also happy to contribute<br />
[15:55:43] &lt;ebel&gt; Good idea.<br />
[15:55:52] &lt;Smokeyfish&gt; me too<br />
[15:55:57] &lt;ebel&gt; Mean-Machine: also great about the membership pack.<br />

[15:55:59] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; nice one!<br />
[15:56:04] &lt;ebel&gt; where does banners?<br />
[15:56:05] &lt;czajkowski&gt; i mean it could be a lot cheaper to get it done online, or dublin or outside of Dublin<br />
[15:56:07] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; czajkowski, Local Bussiness Promotions, Ballyhaunis, have done so great ones for local events, definetly cheaper than city-based firms I reckon<br />

[15:56:19] &lt;delcoyote&gt; Smokeyfish, are you at DIT?<br />
[15:56:28] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; czajkowski, I will ask Rob from TOG<br />
[15:56:29] &lt;slashtom&gt; t-shirts for all.... show yourselves as a team?<br />
[15:56:32] &lt;Smokeyfish&gt; yes, part time<br />

[15:56:36] &lt;czajkowski&gt; Mean-Machine: if you ask rob<br />
[15:56:36] &lt;czajkowski&gt; and<br />
[15:56:37] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; I saw his cycling banner once<br />
[15:56:38] &lt;delcoyote&gt; lecture?<br />

[15:56:40] &lt;czajkowski&gt; johnnycbad: asks at home<br />
[15:56:51] &lt;czajkowski&gt; so we can have an idea of prices and stuff<br />
[15:57:10] &lt;ebel&gt; [action] johnnycbad will get a quote for a banner from Ballyhaunis place<br />
<a name='21'></a>
[15:57:12] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; TOG is also doing tshirts atm<br />

[15:57:22] &lt;ebel&gt; [action] Mean-Machine will ask robfitz abotu banner<br />
<a name='22'></a>
[15:57:25] &lt;Smokeyfish&gt; no, student :)<br />
[15:57:50] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; czajkowski, will do, could be a while though. They don't have a site, as I've asked them did they want one designed :)<br />
[15:57:54] &lt;daxroc&gt; how about a group of people spelling out ubuntu with 3 people standing ( rotating ) with k / edu / etc on their tee shirts  ( entertaining at least ) :P<br />

[15:57:56] &lt;ebel&gt; [idea] Get an ubuntu-ie banner! Perhaps split cost amoung X people, or every donate price of a pint at potd<br />
<a name='23'></a>
[15:58:04] &lt;czajkowski&gt; I'll also be looking for 2-4 volunteers for the day, so I'm hoping to get some DIT students on board<br />
[15:58:29] &lt;theirishpenguin&gt; Apologies about disappearring. Back in the game. Just going to read up what ye've been talking about.<br />
[15:58:50] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; if we're going to have a stand we'll also need some volunteers<br />

[15:59:03] &lt;ebel&gt; [idea] stand for ubuntu-ie at ossbarcamp<br />
<a name='24'></a>
[15:59:14] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; dimensions for banner?<br />
[15:59:18] * ebel volunteers to man the ubuntu-ie stand for part of the day at ossbarcamp<br />
[16:00:01] &lt;czajkowski&gt; I'll be running around like a headless chicken<br />

[16:00:06] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; ebel, cool. we can switch then<br />
[16:00:08] * daithif seconds slashtoms idea about ubuntu t-shirts for whoever is on the stand<br />
[16:00:21] &lt;czajkowski&gt; daxroc: I'm sure I can try and sort something out<br />
[16:00:23] &lt;ebel&gt; [idea] make up some ubuntu-ie tshirts<br />

<a name='25'></a>
[16:00:33] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; yay!<br />
[16:00:34] &lt;slashtom&gt; or rather for everyone in ubuntu-ie<br />
[16:00:42] &lt;ebel&gt; there's pleanty of sites that do a tshirt printing service, like cafepress<br />
[16:00:42] &lt;slashtom&gt; it's a team... look like one :)<br />

[16:00:47] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; If I'm at OSSbarcamp, it'll be my first barcamp (unless you count teencamp ireland) so I'd like to stay out of helping out so I can experience all of it<br />
[16:00:57] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; if that's ok<br />
[16:01:03] &lt;daxroc&gt; czajkowski: as in the animated 'human' logo<br />
[16:01:08] &lt;czajkowski&gt; johnnycbad: thats perfectly ok, you'll have enough tasks between now and then to earn a rest<br />

[16:01:14] &lt;czajkowski&gt; daxroc: it's a cool idea<br />
[16:01:16] * tdr1121 will be doing stuff for the tog talk on the day <br />
[16:01:20] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; johnnycbad, of course it's ok<br />
[16:01:34] &lt;czajkowski&gt; [link] http://www.ossbarcamp.com/registration/<br />

<a name='26'></a>
[16:01:38] &lt;czajkowski&gt; dont forget to sign up folks :)<br />
[16:01:39] &lt;delcoyote&gt; Smokeyfish, might need you in the future in sep<br />
[16:01:59] &lt;delcoyote&gt; its colaborative help for a project, credited<br />
[16:02:21] &lt;Smokeyfish&gt; delcoyote: cool :)<br />

[16:03:04] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; great stuff, nice ideas guys<br />
[16:03:09] &lt;czajkowski&gt; thanks folks<br />
[16:03:10] &lt;ebel&gt; :)<br />
[16:03:15] &lt;czajkowski&gt; really apprecaite the help<br />

[16:03:30] &lt;daxroc&gt; czajkowski: Is there any av material maybe an interactive kiosk  ?<br />
[16:03:33] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; now let's take action ;-]<br />
[16:03:34] &lt;czajkowski&gt; it's a cool loco event to have and already I'e a ton of folks coming and a few susprises up my sleeve<br />
[16:03:53] &lt;delcoyote&gt; I wanna help im just over the top with studying and internship + project but I have my ears open<br />

[16:03:55] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; [off-topic] is @barjames from twitter here?<br />
[16:04:10] &lt;czajkowski&gt; nope<br />
[16:04:14] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; ubuntu-ie is growing strong<br />
[16:04:20] &lt;czajkowski&gt; johnnycbad: you can do a /who and it'll show you who is in here<br />

[16:04:38] * ebel is @lalonde on twitter<br />
[16:04:48] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; czajkowski, ah ok, I know he's involved in OSSbarcamp and thought he might go by a different handle here<br />
[16:05:11] &lt;Smokeyfish&gt; delcoyote: are you a 4th year/masters student, in DIT?<br />
[16:05:19] &lt;ebel&gt; right, so anything else re: ossbarcamp we need to chat about?><br />

[16:05:34] &lt;czajkowski&gt; not for the time being - bar pimp it like hell please<br />
[16:05:45] &lt;czajkowski&gt; as there is another barcamp on the same day in dublin and he wont change his date<br />
[16:06:09] &lt;delcoyote&gt; getting there Smokeyfish 3rd and 4th if I pass 3 I still ahve left for sept<br />
[16:06:14] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; What's the other one?<br />

[16:06:22] &lt;ebel&gt; that's all the topics on the wiki page<br />
[16:06:22] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; johnnycbad, that was a quick tweet :P<br />
[16:06:24] &lt;czajkowski&gt; folks after the meeting please<br />
[16:06:24] &lt;ebel&gt; anything else? :P<br />

[16:06:29] &lt;czajkowski&gt; yup<br />
[16:06:31] &lt;czajkowski&gt; aob<br />
[16:06:35] &lt;ebel&gt; [topic] geeknic<br />
<a name='27'></a>
[16:06:44] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; Mean-Machine, heheh :)<br />

[16:06:46] * ebel can read minds :P<br />
[16:06:46] &lt;czajkowski&gt; right so we have an event on august 2nd<br />
[16:06:52] &lt;czajkowski&gt; [link] http://short.ie/geeknic<br />
<a name='28'></a>
[16:07:02] &lt;czajkowski&gt; Canonical are over here on a sprint<br />

[16:07:10] &lt;czajkowski&gt; which means an intense week of meetings for them<br />
[16:07:16] &lt;czajkowski&gt; they asked were we having event s<br />
[16:07:19] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; czajkowski, not to worry. free software will win<br />
[16:07:35] &lt;czajkowski&gt; hence that weekend with geekn ic so they can join in<br />

[16:07:45] &lt;czajkowski&gt; I've added a post event as not everyone can make it out to farmleigh<br />
[16:07:56] &lt;czajkowski&gt; everyone is welcome and again pimp it to your mates<br />
[16:08:00] &lt;czajkowski&gt; last one was great!<br />
[16:08:11] &lt;czajkowski&gt; also a hcance to meet more ubuntu folks from all over the place<br />

[16:08:24] &lt;tdr1121&gt; last one was a great day<br />
[16:08:29] &lt;czajkowski&gt; tdr1121: wasnt it :)<br />
[16:08:38] &lt;czajkowski&gt; and my final aob :<br />
[16:08:40] &lt;theirishpenguin&gt; Having a 'post event' is a very good idea<br />

[16:08:51] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; Will pimp it, but don't think I'll be able attend<br />
[16:08:55] &lt;czajkowski&gt; how did folks like a mid week meeting rather than a sunday<br />
[16:09:20] &lt;daxroc&gt; +1 more active<br />
[16:09:26] &lt;ebel&gt; [vote] did you like midweek meetings?<br />

<a name='29'></a>
[16:09:27] &lt;ebel&gt; +1<br />
[16:09:38] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; btw, tomorrow is Ubuntu Hug Day!<br />
[16:09:39] &lt;czajkowski&gt; +1<br />
[16:09:40] &lt;daxroc&gt; +<br />

[16:09:44] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; +0<br />
[16:09:44] &lt;daithif&gt; +1 midweeks better for me<br />
[16:09:45] &lt;Smokeyfish&gt; -1<br />
<a name='30'></a>
[16:09:46] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; http://blog.qa.ubuntu.com/node/58<br />

[16:09:47] &lt;stronger&gt; +1<br />
[16:09:48] &lt;tdr1121&gt; +1<br />
[16:09:49] &lt;daxroc&gt; +1<br />
[16:10:12] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; czajkowski, a better turnout than sundays thats for sure ;-]<br />

[16:10:22] &lt;czajkowski&gt; Mean-Machine: yes and more interaction<br />
[16:10:27] &lt;czajkowski&gt; would making it at be better?<br />
[16:10:33] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; +1<br />
[16:11:06] &lt;czajkowski&gt; making it 8pm<br />

[16:11:10] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; Quite a few folk go out on sunday night, midweek is better<br />
[16:11:35] &lt;ebel&gt; or are traveling<br />
[16:11:38] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; czajkowski, but not earlier than 8pm<br />
[16:11:52] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ebel: aye<br />

[16:11:59] &lt;czajkowski&gt; Mean-Machine: yup 8 earlies<br />
[16:12:06] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; czajkowski, 9 is grand for me, 8 might not always suit<br />
[16:12:10] &lt;daxroc&gt; I would say 9 gives people time to get stuff done after work ?<br />
[16:12:11] &lt;czajkowski&gt; I've added this meeting also to the fridge calender, anyone can do it<br />

[16:12:17] &lt;czajkowski&gt; nice to show others we have public meeting<br />
[16:12:39] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ok so stikc @ 9pm for the 2nd wednesday of the month ?<br />
[16:12:42] &lt;czajkowski&gt; *stick<br />
[16:13:05] &lt;ebel&gt; [endvote]<br />

<a name='31'></a>
[16:13:07] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; did we have any audience tonight? any other LoCo's members are here?<br />
[16:13:24] &lt;czajkowski&gt; Mean-Machine: popey is in here<br />
[16:13:25] &lt;czajkowski&gt; :)<br />
[16:13:38] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; he's just lurking<br />

[16:13:59] &lt;czajkowski&gt; nah he does interact if you ask him stuff<br />
[16:14:25] &lt;ebel&gt; [agreed] ubuntu-ie will now ahve irc meetings midweek<br />
<a name='32'></a>
[16:14:37] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; ok folks, it's been a great meeting<br />
[16:14:43] &lt;ebel&gt; anything else?<br />

[16:14:46] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; thanks a lot, I need to go now<br />
[16:14:48] &lt;czajkowski&gt; nope<br />
[16:14:51] &lt;czajkowski&gt; all good<br />
[16:14:57] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; true, glad I stayed up for it!<br />

[16:14:59] &lt;daithif&gt; thanks all<br />
[16:15:08] &lt;czajkowski&gt; thanks ebel you're the bestest chair EVER!<br />
[16:15:30] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; hugs for ebel<br />
[16:15:32] &lt;czajkowski&gt; Mean-Machine: get your name on that registration list :p<br />

[16:15:34] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; \o/<br />
[16:15:42] &lt;czajkowski&gt; *hugs* ebel<br />
[16:15:47] &lt;ebel&gt; yay!<br />
[16:15:51] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; czajkowski, which one?<br />

<a name='33'></a>
[16:15:58] &lt;czajkowski&gt; http://www.ossbarcamp.com/registration/<br />
[16:16:03] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; except for maybe lolchair :) http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk251/Frisbeetarianism/Motivational%20Posters/lolchair.png<br />
[16:16:05] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; Im there<br />
[16:16:07] &lt;czajkowski&gt; ebel: I'd say we;re good to go<br />

[16:16:13] &lt;johnnycbad&gt; thanks ebel!<br />
[16:16:22] &lt;Mean-Machine&gt; czajkowski, I registered already<br />
[16:16:32] &lt;czajkowski&gt; oh so you did<br />
[16:16:36] &lt;czajkowski&gt; blind as a bat<br />

[16:16:44] &lt;ebel&gt; #endmeeting<br />
Meeting ended.<br />

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