The Ubuntu Ireland IRC meeting was held at 8pm Irish time on Wednesday 19th May 2010, on #ubuntu-ie on FreeNode. MootBot was used to record the minutes, attendance and logs. MootBot summary page and MootBot logs. As usual ebel was the chair, but since he ran out of power, leading to some of the logs at the end of the meeting.


  1. ebel
  2. slashtom
  3. omalley82
  4. ebel_
  5. airurando
  6. tdr112
  7. ubot3
  8. czajkowski
  9. lubotu3


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    Ubuntu Lucid CDs from Canonical



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Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-ie
[14:05:51] <ebel> Welcome to monthly meeting.
[14:06:03] <ebel> if you're here say PRESENT please so we know
[14:06:05] <slashtom> PRESENT
[14:06:07] <ebel> PRESENT
[14:06:12] <omalley82> PRESENT
[14:08:05] <slashtom> ready to start ebel?
[14:09:16] <slashtom> TOPIC: Ubuntu Lucid CDs from Canonical
[14:09:38] <slashtom> TOPIC Ubuntu Lucid CDs from Canonical
[14:10:16] <slashtom> we have a box full of Ubuntu, Kbuntu and Ubuntu server edition
[14:10:29] * ebel_ gets back on his phone!
[14:10:40] <omalley82> sounds very good...
[14:11:13] <ebel_> yes, we have lots of cds
[14:12:25] <omalley82> may i get one from each xbuntu ?
[14:12:42] <slashtom> where are you omalley82?
[14:12:47] <omalley82> cork
[14:12:59] <ebel_> we have no xubuntu,
[14:13:29] <slashtom> or 1 of each type?
[14:13:30] <ebel_> email your address to rory@technomancy.org (that's me1~ and we'll sort you out
[14:13:34] <omalley82> right, would like to get a ubuntu, kubuntu and ubuntu server cd...
[14:13:49] <omalley82> ok, understood
[14:13:50] <slashtom> as ebel says
[14:13:54] <slashtom> :)
[14:13:54] <omalley82> thx
[14:14:01] <ebel_> sure, 1 of each is fine
[14:14:15] <ebel_> or are you doing an event / need more?
[14:14:36] <slashtom> omalley82: are you the person behind the Cork group?
[14:15:16] <omalley82> i hope that we will soon have the first meeting here... therefor i ordered some cds from canonical... dont know if the will be here in time...
[14:15:19] <omalley82> yes
[14:15:35] <slashtom> grand
[14:15:54] <slashtom> we can send you a few more, as we have plenty spare
[14:15:58] <omalley82> but i will wait till i know how thinks are going here
[14:16:06] <omalley82> that would be fine
[14:16:11] <omalley82> grand!
[14:16:31] <slashtom> what are your plans for Cork?
[14:16:36] <omalley82> so we would have some for the first pint...
[14:16:39] <ebel_> we'll send you a few
[14:17:21] <omalley82> small users group... some linux/ubuntu guys... meeting once a month and chatting...
[14:17:48] <slashtom> an Ubuntu Hour type event?
[14:18:21] <omalley82> yeap
[14:18:23] <ebel_> sounds deadly
[14:18:42] <slashtom> aye, post it to the mailing list when you have a date/location
[14:19:11] <omalley82> will do
[14:19:11] <slashtom> we can hopefully follow things up with an event down in Cork sometime
[14:19:41] <slashtom> limerick was recent, and there are possibly things happening in galway soon
[14:19:43] <omalley82> would be cool...
[14:19:57] <omalley82> good to hear...
[14:20:19] <slashtom> so if we can keep things under the Ubuntu-ie banner, that would be grand
[14:20:36] <slashtom> anyway, back to topic...
[14:20:38] <omalley82> never hat the idea to found an own group...
[14:20:59] <slashtom> any ideas on how best to distribute the Ubuntu discs?
[14:21:21] <airurando> computer socs?
[14:21:32] <tdr112> forgot about the meet here now
[14:21:49] <ebel_> if you run an event, let us all know and some of us dubs might come down
[14:21:53] <slashtom> good idea airurando
[14:22:00] <omalley82> ok
[14:22:06] <slashtom> do we have any contacts?
[14:22:12] <tdr112> talk to the hackerspace guys
[14:22:23] * slashtom knows there are usually skynet (limerick) folk around here
[14:22:27] <tdr112> they might be up for it
[14:22:42] <ebel_> we have some comp soc people. cztab from ul, some dcu peeps were at geeknic
[14:22:43] <airurando> isn't cduffin UCD
[14:22:43] <slashtom> how about DIT, UCD etc?
[14:22:54] <ebel_> yeah cduffin is ucd
[14:22:57] <airurando> Terran is
[14:23:27] <ebel_> i know som peep from ucc, might know comp soc
[14:23:30] <slashtom> omalley82: do you have any contacts in CIT and the like?
[14:23:39] <airurando> terran (?) is currently in NUIG
[14:23:57] <tdr112> omalley82: you can normaly find there contact details on there site
[14:24:25] <omalley82> ok, good to know
[14:24:38] <omalley82> but dont have any contacts yet
[14:25:46] <slashtom> maybe the best plan is to throw it out to the mailing list
[14:26:11] <airurando> slashtom: agreed
[14:26:32] * slashtom can send an email around asking who would like to distribute some discs, and how many they would like
[14:27:01] <airurando> maybe hit the mailing list and suggest attending Ubuntu Hour to pick up?
[14:27:49] <slashtom> aye, that'll work for those in the Dublin area
[14:28:09] <slashtom> airurando: i take it you mean the Dublin Ubuntu Hour
[14:28:42] <airurando> slashtom: yip apologies for the lack of clarity.
[14:28:45] <slashtom> as we have multiple Ubuntu hour's, we should specify which city they're in
[14:29:19] <airurando> yes
[14:29:48] <airurando> cork could also be a pickup if omalley82 agrees
[14:30:09] <slashtom> yep, we will post some down
[14:30:38] <slashtom> ebel_ is quiet, and using his phone.... so, if there anything else?
[14:30:42] <slashtom> is there*
[14:30:46] <omalley82> yes... would be great
[14:31:10] <slashtom> omalley82: email ebel_ - rory@technomancy.org
[14:31:42] <omalley82> ok
[14:32:15] <slashtom> i'm presuming ebel_'s phone isn't working well
[14:32:27] <slashtom> is there any other business?
[14:32:36] <ebel_> it is
[14:32:41] <ebel_> i'm talking to someone
[14:32:44] <slashtom> :)
[14:32:46] <ebel_> and waiting for food
[14:32:59] <omalley82> : )
[14:33:03] <ebel_> more ubuntu hours ftw
[14:33:04] <omalley82> enjoy
[14:33:07] <ebel_> :)
[14:33:37] <slashtom> ebel_: i will email the list, about distributing discs
[14:33:47] <ebel_> yes cool :)
[14:35:03] <omalley82> ebel_: i will post to the mailing list if i have some fix day for a first meeting...
[14:35:21] <ebel_> sure
[14:35:21] <tdr112> cool
[14:35:35] <ebel_> the dublin ubuntu hour usually is towards end of month
[14:35:50] <ebel_> you could do it the same time? or whenever?
[14:35:53] <slashtom> omalley82: the Dublin Ubuntu Hour is on the last Wednesday of the month
[14:36:25] <omalley82> so next week will be the next one, right?
[14:36:34] <tdr112> omalley82: do a poll and find out the days that suit poeple in your area
[14:36:42] <slashtom> doodle.com
[14:36:46] <omalley82> ok
[14:37:24] <tdr112> slashtom: thats it
[14:37:43] <slashtom> maybe we can kick off limerick and galway ubuntu hour's too
[14:38:09] <tdr112> sounds like a plan
[14:38:58] <slashtom> that does however require some local volunteer
[14:39:03] <ebel_> ok
[14:40:50] <omalley82> sounds great... so far i found 4 possible peers down here... but will see who will show up at the first ubuntu hour....
[14:41:29] <airurando> omalley82: are you in college?
[14:41:59] <omalley82> sadly no more...
[14:42:27] <airurando> just thought the 82 might have put you in that bracket!!
[14:43:01] <omalley82> would still fit in...
[14:43:13] <airurando> just
[14:43:31] * ebel_ is 84 and out of college...
[14:43:42] <ebel_> oh wait, nvm
[14:43:46] * ebel_ flees
[14:43:52] <ebel_> gotta go
[14:44:18] <ebel_> is that it for the meeting?
[14:44:24] <airurando> yip
[14:44:47] <omalley82> i think yes
[14:45:03] <slashtom> grand, thanks everyone
[14:45:23] <airurando> thanks everyone
[14:45:36] <omalley82> thanks everyone
[14:46:08] <tdr112> do we have to do a new blueprint for 10.10 for our loco
[14:47:33] <airurando> tdr112: I have no idea
[14:48:03] <tdr112> cztab , knows about all that stuff
[14:48:08] <omalley82> me neither not so far
[14:52:11] <airurando> tdr112: slashtom: should someone end meeting
[14:53:37] <tdr112> !endmeeting
[14:53:38] <ubot3> Factoid endmeeting not found
[14:54:07] <czajkowski> tdr112: aloha
[14:54:17] <slashtom> !end
[14:54:17] <ubot3> Factoid end not found
[14:54:40] <slashtom> !help
[14:54:40] <ubot3> Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)
[14:54:41] <lubotu3> Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)
[14:54:47] <tdr112> #endmeeting
[14:55:37] <tdr112> czajkowski: blueprint do we need a new one
[14:55:55] <czajkowski> it depends on do ye want to use it or not ?
[14:56:05] <czajkowski> I am going to be coming to the ubuntu hour next week
[14:56:16] <czajkowski> and am gonna give a short presentation on stuff for communities
[14:56:18] <slashtom> ebel will have to end the meeting
[14:57:33] <ebel> you kids!
[14:57:33] <tdr112> czajkowski: can you tell us a bit more about blueprints then
[14:57:39] <ebel> #endmeeting
Meeting ended.

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