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= Meetings =
The main form of communication within the group at the moment is on IRC. Meetings take place twice a month in the #ubuntu-ie channel on the server.

Visit [[|IRC Meetings]] for more info and upcoming meetings.

Please refer to for any questions you may have.

= Events =
For the list of upcoming and past events run by the Irish Ubuntu Community please visit [[IrishTeam/Events]] page.
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= Contact =

 * [[mdanielski]] (Loco Team Point of Contact)
 * Mean-Machine on #ubuntu-ie

About Us
 » Irish Team Website
(website redirects to LTP)
 »Launchpad Page
 » LoCo Team Portal Page (LTP)
 » Team Members


 » Mailing List (Archives)
 » IRC Channel
 » Forum
 » Point of Contact

Irish Team Activities
 » Upcoming Events
 » Event Archives
 » IRC Meetings
 »Team Reports
 » Translations
 » Artwork

ie_15_15.png Next Ubuntu Ireland Team IRC Meeting: ([Wednesday 13 Nov 13 @ 20:30 Agenda) ie_15_15.png


Welcome to the Ubuntu Ireland LoCo Team Wiki page. We will give you an idea of how we operate, make decisions, organise and contact information. Check from time to time for the latest news.


  • Install parties - helping procure CDs.
  • Web Presence - Setting up of a dedicated Website with Forums and How-To info
  • To raise awareness through advertising campaigns such as flyers, verbally and through the web.
  • To support Irish additions to Ubuntu code
  • Support and encourage translation into Gaeilge (Irish) :

  • Get support from GNU/Linux sites such as

Ubuntu Ireland Community

These are lots of people who have helped Ubuntu Ireland. This group is for anyone in ireland who is interested in or uses Ubuntu, Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Gobuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Ubuntu JeOS or any other derivatives that may happen in the future. It is open to all types of people wether you are a novice or an expert. We encourage everyone to help out in any way they can by spreading the word and helping others.

Ubuntu Ireland does not have a 'council' like other LoCo groups do in various countries. We prefer to have an admin team that is responsible for the daily routines/duties such as artwork or creating flyers, website or wiki administration or just simply spreading the word. This can be done by anybody and if you've contributed alot of your time and shown that you are here to help the Irish community you can become part of the core team.

We hope that people will contribute to such projects as Camara - building up old PC's with Edubuntu and shipping them over to Africa.

Monthly Team Reports

This Team Reports will give you a monthly overview of what we have been working on.


Ubuntu Ireland Flyer (four to an A4 page looks good)


Ubuntu Ireland Wallpapers & Logo's

Ubuntu Ireland Glow

Irish Ubuntu Community

Ubuntu Ireland Reflection

For the Team Mugshot one there is (ie_192_192.png)


There is also a smaller one (ie_64_64.png) which people can use for their Team Logo.


Please check for an example of where to put the Team logo.

All artwork is released under


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