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About Me

I am an Electrical Engineer by profession and currently has a full-time job at [ TransCo]. Although my line of work is completely out-of-sync (for now) with my interest in computers, I managed to self-train myself, took special interest programming and has been doing some unofficial, in-house development work just to make my job easier...

I encountered GNU/Linux (Gentus Linux) in the mid-to-late-90's, then took a shot at Mandrake and OpenBSD mostly for fun and learning experience only. I came across Ubuntu since the Warty release, but it wasn't until the release of HoaryHedgehog when I got seriously involved and completely ditched Windows out of my home computer. My first ever participation in Ubuntu was when I tested the company-owned [wiki:LaptopTestingTeam/CompaqEvoN110 Compaq Evo N110] laptop with Ubuntu, and later learned of fellow [wiki:PhilippineTeam Filipinos] in the community. As of today, I am a member of the following teams:


I am broadband-impaired (like most Filipinos living in the province), so my contribution to Ubuntu is mostly done "offline". I usually hang and help out at #ubuntu, #ubuntu-ph and the [ forums] whenever I'm online, otherwise I just drool with envy watching the logs [ here] and [ here]. Some of my activities involve:

  • [ Rosetta Translation Activity]

  • LaptopTestingTeam/CompaqEvoN110

  • Migration to Ubuntu (BreezyBadger) of two internet and gaming cafes (26 units)

  • Migration to Ubuntu ([wiki:EdubuntuWiki Edubuntu]) of my High School Alma Mater Computer Lab (25+ units, in progress...). I am also coordinating with their Filipino Department Head Teacher in helping with the Tagalog translation as part of the students school project. Since, I have just finished setting up their LAN and they recently got broadband connection, I'm really excited about this!


  1. Continue the Tagalog translation work.
  2. Help out with the [ Ubuntu-PH] local community team activities.

  3. Help out with the DocumentationTeam. I want to see Ubuntu have a unified handbook/manual much like the one in [ FreeBSD].

  4. Support for non-broadband users. I have a special interest in the following [wiki:NonBroadbandUsers specs]. Just recently, with the help of one of the internet cafes I migrated to Ubuntu, I finished downloading the DVD distribution containing the main, universe, and multiverse packages from [ here]. And I'm currently distributing it for FREE to fellow broadband-impaired users.

  5. Organize an Ubuntu Users Group in Bicol. There is a tentative schedule for Bicol Open Source Forum sometime in January 2006, hopefully we could do it then.
  6. Continuing advocacy and migration work in educational and business institutions (the Ubuntu roots needs to be strong).

Vision for Ubuntu

I want Ubuntu to continue to have an excellent, open, and friendly community. I want to see it at work in schools located in remote areas in the Philippines even with the absence of internet connectivity. I'd like to see it in the near future applied not only in desktop productivity environments, servers, but also applied in the engineering field. I am anticipating the work of the [wiki:MOTUScience MOTUScience] and [wiki:UbuntuGIS UbuntuGIS] teams, and feel pretty excited about it.