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About Me

I am an Electrical Engineer by profession and currently has a full-time job at [ TransCo]. Although my line of work is completely out-of-sync (for now) with my interest in computers, I managed to self-train myself in programming and has been doing some unofficial, in-house development work just to make my job easier...

I encountered GNU/Linux (Gentus Linux) in the mid-to-late-90's, then took a shot at Mandrake and OpenBSD mostly for fun and learning experience only. I came across Ubuntu since the Warty release, but it wasn't until the release of HoaryHedgehog when I completely ditched Windows out of my home computer. My first ever participation in Ubuntu was when I tested the company-owned [wiki:LaptopTestingTeam/CompaqEvoN110 Compaq Evo N110] laptop with Ubuntu, and later learned of fellow [wiki:PhilippineTeam Filipinos] in the community. As of today, I am a member of the following teams:


I am broadband-impaired (like most Filipinos living in the province), so my contribution to Ubuntu is mostly done "offline". I usually hang and help out at #ubuntu, #ubuntu-ph and the [ forums] whenever I'm online, otherwise I just drool with envy watching the logs [ here] and [ here].

  • [ Rosetta Translation Activity]

  • Migration to Ubuntu (BreezyBadger) of two internet and gaming cafes (26 units)

  • Migration to Ubuntu ([wiki:EdubuntuWiki Edubuntu]) of my High School Alma Mater Computer Lab (25+ units, in progress...). I am also coordinating with their Filipino Department Head Teacher in helping with the Tagalog translation as part of the students school project. Since, I have just finished setting up their LAN and they recently got broadband connection, I'm really excited about this!

Looking Forward

Along with an excellent community, Ubuntu Linux gives a wonderful opportunity to learn about GNU/Linux and Open Source in general. Personally, I feel that this is the strongest point why Ubuntu has taken off so rapidly and stays at the top list of other GNU/Linux distributions. Among others, I plan to help out in:

  1. Completing the Tagalog translation.
  2. Support for non-broadband users. I took an interest in the specs listed [wiki:NonBroadbandUsers here], and began working on web-apt