Key Details


  • Review the Italian LoCo Council: provide information on how people can become a member of the Italian LoCo Council, institute election for new members of the Italian LoCo Council every two years.

  • Discuss with the various team of the Italian community the reinforcement of monthly IRC meeting.
  • Software Freedom Day, 18th September 2010 in Perugia: we aim to collaborate with the Italian Debian community to hold sessions together on key community aspects (translation, development,...).
  • Partecipation as member of the jury (MiloCasagrande will be a member of the jury) for the Italian Web TV prize TiVoglio Così.

Long term goals:

  • Rework the website, wiki, forum, and planet themes to match the new Ubuntu colors and logo.
  • Change the website CMS to Drupal.
  • Discuss a separation of the wiki contents: a community wiki with Italian community written or translated documentation, a wiki for the various working teams to use. Need to find a place for the HTML version of the official Ubuntu documentation.


Links to various photo stream of the events:

The Working Teams

The working teams are those groups that maintain certain services for the community. Current activities include: website, forum, mailing list, irc, wiki, translations, and more.

The active groups as of 2010-07-06 are:

All groups have a dedicated mailing list (the Siena LUG provides us with a small server with a mailman instance that handles the domain to provide local mailing lists), or an email address (an alias) to be contacted. We don't have a team that administer all our mailing lists, the administration is left to the members of that particular group based on their needs.

The Italian LoCo Council is responsible for the creation of the dedicated mailing lists.


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