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=== Social Media ===

We have a presence in the social networks, managing:

 * a [[ | Facebook Page]] with 6.946 "like"
 * a [[ | Facebook Group]] with 2.581 members
 * a [[ | Google Plus Page]] with 1.629 followers
 * two Google Plus communities: [[ | Ubuntu-it]] (4.702 members) and [[ | Kubuntu-it]] (243 members)
 * a [[ | Twitter account]] with 3.968 followers
 * a [[ | Youtube channel]] with 30 self made videos, 1.035 subscribers and more than 108.000 views.

Key Details


  • Migrate more Ubuntu-it services from Canonical data center into our own server provided by Top-IX.

  • 2014-2015 meetings and Debian-Ubuntu conference organization.
  • Maintenance of the official Italian Ubuntu CD.


  • Services migration into our own hosting server.
  • Meetings and attendance at conferences, all listed in our LoCo Directory page:

  • Gone through a new Italian LoCo Council elections: our LoCo Council is elected every two years, all approved members of our community can run for the elections.


Social Media

We have a presence in the social networks, managing:

Old Experiences

Links to old photo streams of our events:


The working teams are those groups that maintain certain services for the community. Current activities include: website, forum, mailing list, irc, wiki, translations, and more.

All groups have a dedicated mailing list (the Siena LUG provides us with a small server with a mailman instance that handles the domain to provide local mailing lists), or an email address (an alias) to be contacted. We don't have a team that administer all our mailing lists, the administration is left to the members of that particular group based on their needs.

The Working Teams

The active groups, counting as of 2014-07-15 101 people in total, are:

The Italian LoCo Council is responsible for the creation of the dedicated mailing lists.

Other Informations

Ubuntu Members

LoCo Team components whom are also Ubuntu Members: 27


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