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## page was copied from ItalianTeam/ReApprovalApplication2016

Key Details


  • Improve our own sysadmin team to better handle the two servers delegated to us (one from Canonical, one frop TOP-IX)
    • one aim is to have all of our website under https (currently none)
  • Migrate more Ubuntu-it services from Canonical data center into our own server provided by Top-IX.

  • 2016-2017 meetings and Debian-Ubuntu conference organization (past events).


  • Services migration into our own hosting server.
  • Meetings and attendance at conferences, all listed in our LoCo Directory page:

  • Gone through a completely new Italian LoCo Council election: our LoCo Council is elected every two years, all approved members of our community can run for the elections.

  • Set up a OSQA instance matching the international "Ask Ubuntu" at

  • In the last year a new Social Media team has been founded, handling all of our accounts in Google+, Facebook, Twitter, with pretty good results.


Social Media

As already said, we have a wide presence in the social networks, managing:

Old Experiences

Links to old photo streams of our events:


The working teams are those groups that maintain certain services for the community. Current activities include: website, forum, mailing list, irc, wiki, translations, social media, sysadmins and more.

All groups have a dedicated mailing list (the Siena LUG provides us with a small server with a mailman instance that handles the domain to provide local mailing lists), or an email address (an alias) to be contacted. We don't have a team that administer/moderate all our mailing lists (other than overall administration of mailman), the administration/moderation is left to the members of that particular group based on their needs.

The Working Teams

The active groups, counting as of 2016-07-27 90 people in total, are:

The Italian LoCo Council is responsible for the creation of the dedicated mailing lists.

Other Informations

Ubuntu Members

LoCo Team components whom are also Ubuntu Members: 24

Previous Re-Approval Applications


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