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Real name

Iulian Udrea






iulian at ubuntu dot com


iulian on Freenode & OFTC

About me

My name is Iulian Udrea, I'm seventeen year old, Ubuntu Developer. I'm a programmer and my favourite programming languages are C/C++ and Perl. I am a fanatic reader, I read a lot, especially Computer and Science Fiction books. Some people are saying that I'm barmy and I'm agreeing with them. They say this because of the crazy stuff I do all the time, so IMHO you should either stay away from me or if you're barmy as well get in touch with me. Smile :-)


I have been using GNU/Linux since four years ago. My first distro was Debian 3.1 Sarge. Just after Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake was released I switched to it.



I am a Debian contributor. I am the maintainer of four packages in Debian. You can find them at my DDPO page. I'm also involved with the Quality Assurance team. The wiki page of the Debian QA team is located here.

I usually look for unmaintained/unstable/buggy packages and prepare a QA upload. If I'm interested in that package, the first thing I do is adopting it. I will do this only if the current maintainer is inactive or uninterested in that package, of course.


I am an Ubuntu MOTU Developer. I'm taking care of packages from the {uni,multi}verse component and from main/restricted as well. Taking care means that I merge/sync with Debian, fix bugs and forward the patches to Debian so that both distributions can benefit.

I am looking forward in working with the Ubuntu Kernel team. I have a local git repository with the current development release (Jaunty) cloned from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git. I usually triage kernel bugs and apply patches created by me or cherry-picked from somewhere else.

I also enjoy writing simple kernel modules.


You can always find me on IRC (Freenode and OFTC) networks. I usually hang out in #ubuntu-{devel,motu,kernel} and #debian-{devel,kernel,qa}. If you'd like to talk to me please do not hesitate to /msg or send me an e-mail.