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Full name

Iulian Udrea


iulian at ubuntu.com



About me

My name is Iulian Udrea, I'm seventeen year old, Ubuntu Developer. I'm a programmer and my favourite programming languages are C and Perl. I am a fanatic reader, I read a lot, especially Computer and Science Fiction books.


I have been using GNU/Linux since four years ago. My first distro was Debian 3.1 Sarge. Just after Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake was released I switched to it.



I am a Debian contributor. I am the maintainer of five packages in Debian. You can find them at my DDPO page.

I'm also doing QA uploads from time to time.


I am an Ubuntu MOTU Developer. I'm taking care of packages from the {uni,multi}verse components and from main/restricted as well.

I am a MOTU Release manager. I take care of approving/denying Feature Freeze exceptions for both universe and multiverse components.

I triage kernel bugs and apply patches created by me or cherry-picked from somewhere else to my local git repository. I also enjoy writing simple kernel modules. Having that said, I look forward to working with the kernel team.


You can always find me on IRC: Freenode: #ubuntu-{devel,kernel,release,motu} OFTC: #debian-{devel,kernel,qa}