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JBoss in Ubuntu

Currently, there are no debian / ubuntu packages for JBoss.

It can be quite difficult to install JBoss for people that just want to setup a JBoss installation.


Current Packages

Current packages within Hardy are:

  • libjboss-common-java - The JBoss Common Project
  • libjboss-profiler-java - JBoss Profiler
  • libjboss-serialization-java - JBoss Serialization

These packages currently only contain specific jar files related to the above JBoss projects.

ie: libjboss-common-java includes the jboss-common.jar file only...


The libjboss-common-java package stores the library files (jar) within /usr/share/java, which is where all java related libraries / jar files are located within Ubunutu. Will need to keep this consistent.

There will be many different packages, created in a structured way.

Current JBoss binary tree

  • lib - contains the base jar files required for JBoss

    • endorsed - contains serializer, xalan and xercesImpl - required Apache jars

  • bin - scripts and main jar files for starting JBoss

  • client - client side jar files

  • server - JBoss server tree (this is where all the "guts" of JBoss is)