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JBoss in Ubuntu

Currently, there are no debian / ubuntu packages for JBoss.

It can be quite difficult to install JBoss for people that just want to setup a JBoss installation.


Current Packages

Current packages within Hardy are:

  • libjboss-common-java - The JBoss Common Project
  • libjboss-profiler-java - JBoss Profiler
  • libjboss-serialization-java - JBoss Serialization

These packages currently only contain specific jar files related to the above JBoss projects.

ie: libjboss-common-java includes the jboss-common.jar file only...


The libjboss-common-java package stores the library files (jar) within /usr/share/java, which is where all java related libraries / jar files are located within Ubunutu. Will need to keep this consistent.

There will be many different packages, created in a structured way.

Current JBoss binary tree

Currently when you extract the binary zip file, it will create a specific tree, which JBoss will look for.

This information is most likely configurable somewhere within the extensive JBoss configuration files, as it will need to conform to current Ubunutu locations (ie: jar files located within /usr/share/java for example).

  • lib - contains the base jar files required for JBoss

    • endorsed - contains serializer, xalan and xercesImpl - required Apache jars

  • bin - scripts and main jar files for starting JBoss

  • client - client side jar files

  • server - JBoss server tree (this is where all the "guts" of JBoss is)