Dutch linux user since March of 1995. Profession: Computer Specialist.

Using linux both at home and at the office.

Community record (no chronological order):

- Donated bits and pieces to http://iptables-tutorial.frozentux.net/

  • Back arround the earlier versions 1.1.3 to 1.1.11

- Worked on the epiawiki a lot. I owned a Epia Nehemiah 10000.

  • Worked with the community to get Gentoo linux running properly on it with the newest available drivers.

- Written various ebuilds and filed them to the Gentoo community

- Helped the Gentoo community in the early AMD64 days to test packages for the Gentoo64 release.

- Worked on the H4100 project at handhelds.org. Doing minor code maintenance between kernelversions for the touchscreen driver and software adjustments to let the firmware run on a H415x. A lot of wiki work and offered IRC help on getting a unstable version of the firmware working on h415x devices.

- Helped with translation of DTC for a while. A GPL hosting packages designed and maintained by Thomas Goirrand. (http://www.gplhost.com/)


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