Ubuntu user since December 2006. I live in Seattle and travel to many developing countries.

My experience with UBUNTU

  • Using Open Office for regular documents to share with Microsoft users - only works if I create the first version. This creates problems.
  • Installing new memory and an wifi card on a really old Dell - works, but wifi won't automatically re-acquire - painfully slow process, but probably due to really old wifi card. I am pretty sure this old Dell would run MUCH slower on M$FT.
  • Ruby on Rails on Ubuntu - still difficult
  • Geronimo installation and configuration - stuck
  • Eclipse installation and configuration - difficult but doable
  • Unhappy with: Zim Desktop Wiki seems to cause system freeze on an irregular basis
  • Happy with: Upgrade path from Drapper Drake to Feisty Fawn - successful
  • Overall Ubuntu experience - good

I travel to a variety of countries and promote Ubuntu whenever I get the chance in meetings with entrepreneurs and technologists.


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