Experience / work-y type stuff

(this is primarily here so that if anyone reads changes I've made and a rather rude TLA pops into their mind, they can see where I'm coming from. :-P)

My name is James; I come from oxford, england, and currently live in Scotland, and I work in the IT Industry as an "Infrastructure Security Consultant", primarily dealing with clients in the financial sector. I'm mostly a network/security person (read: not a developer), although I speak a bit of C (about on a par with my rusty GCSE German) and I've been known to knock up the odd script.

My work is primarily with internet-facing servers in various roles (from standalone boxes to fairly complicated presentation/application/database-layer systems with multiple servers in each role) and backoffice infrastructure servers (this basically means everything active directory does!) both on linux and windows. This also includes most of the other stuff that Active Directory setups (and their equivalents in windows) are used for, such as management of desktop systems, fileserving, dns, etc.

As a security guy, my job scope also includes such things as penetration testing, auditing, etc.

For reasons that should be obvious, I've got a fairly good understanding of the needs, customs, and requirements of small, medium, and large business when it comes to systems implementation of infrastructure and service-providing servers (and particularly how they're secured).

I've previously worked for an ISP (as a Sysadmin/Security Consultant), and more recently for a company which ran its own callcenter, as an IT Manager/Network Administrator, so I'm reasonably au fait of the needs (in particular) of ISPs and smaller businesses on limited budgets, too - and I've done quite a bit of work in telephony as well.


I'm (obviously) quite interested in security, free software, and ubuntu - I also play the clarinet, and enjoy spending time with my family, reading, etc etc. I actually went to university to do a degree in Philosophy (although I didn't finish it), and I've lived on both sides of the atlantic. Smile :)


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