James Golden (chibifs)

Artist and Designer for Studio Chibi-Co!

  • Email: <chibifs@gmail.com>

  • Southgate, Michigan, US
  • Website: http://studiochibico.com

  • AIM: chibifs
  • Forums: Chibi
  • Freenode / EFnet : chibifs or ChibiCng

  • Second Life: Chibi Chang

OSS Contributions

  • Xfce-Dusk in XFLD (ported to ubuntu by MOTUxfce)
  • gnome-system-settings/NVIDIA settings applet icons for Slackware/XFCE4 (deprecated)
  • Original Concepts for the Ubuntu and XFCE girls, both taken over by more talented artists at .jp, still keeping some of my ideas. :3
  • Support on Ubuntu and XFCE forums, #slackware, #ubuntu, and #xfce


  • Knoppix
  • Slackware 9-10
  • Debian Unstable
  • Pre-Ubuntu 4.04-X/Ubuntu 6.06+


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