Testing upgrades is not easy, as the differences in hardware configurations and state of the systems in the moment of upgrade, can raise corner cases that it is impossible to cover.

We are going to take the opportunity of the Ubuntu Global Jam to ask everyone participating in a Jam to upgrade their Natty systems to Oneiric and report back any issues they may encounter.



A Upgrade Jam is very similar to any kind of jam, but it's a bit special. The bottleneck is the bandwidth, as many of the attendees will be upgrading, so it is almost crucial to have some kind Local Ubuntu Mirror or cache.

A great feature for making this super-easy was introduced in lucid (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS): squid-deb-proxy. Instructions below. (If you need a complete ubuntu mirror, a good how-to for setting it up can be found here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Debmirror.)

If you're not on a private network you might need to explicitly allow connections from that network in /etc/squid-deb-proxy/allowed-networks-src.acl.

Natty (11.04)

  1. On the server:

    $ sudo apt-get install squid-deb-proxy
  2. On the client:

    $ sudo apt-get install squid-deb-proxy-client
  3. Done.


You also want to provide some snacks and drinks.

Asking people to prepare for the Jam

  • People wanting to participate in the Upgrade Jam need to have a Launchpad account.
  • We will be reporting our results in the ISO tracker, so an ISO tracker account is also necessary. Ask people to read the ISO procedures and to create an account.

Running the Jam

  • Point people to use the local mirror set up, instead of the common Ubuntu archive. Instructions on how to set up a client are also at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Debmirror

  • Upgrade your system to Maverick by running sudo update-manager --d

  • After finishing the upgrade check that your system still works correctly. Testing/UpgradeChecklist contains a simple checklist of things that worth a try.

  • File any bugs you may find. Tag them with the natty2oneiric. Check the Debugging Update Manager wiki page for a nice guide on how to report your upgrade bugs.

  • After the upgrade it would be nice if you could run System Testing (Open the Dash and enter 'checkbox') to gather information about your system. Submit the data to Launchpad.
  • Report "Pass or Failed in the corresponding ISO test case". See below for details on this part.

Reporting to the ISO tracker

The ISO tracker is used to test the ISOs and/or upgrades during milestone testing. We are going to use it as well for the Ubuntu Global Jam.

We are going to create a fake milestone called UbuntuGlobalJamMaverick and this is the one that we are going to use during the jam. The information about how to use the ISO tracker is in the testing wiki pages. All upgrade tests in the tracker are found within the Upgrade category.

When reporting in the ISO tracker you can report as "Passed", "Failed" and you can add the numbers of the bugs reported. Also, there is some space to submit a comment. It would be nice if you could put the URL of your System Testing submission (https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+hwdb-submissions)

And now ...

... best go and test your shiny new Ubuntu system!

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